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By Anonymous
So weird, I beat this first try in SotFS but now in Vanilla I'm on 8 deaths in a row. It isn't even a difficult boss, just really easy to lose patience with... giving up for now. I know this feel. It's the feel you get before you go to sleep and wake up then get it on the first try.
By Anonymous
It's the next day... got him first try. I'm definitely having a harder time this playthrough because I'm using a shorter weapon.
By Anonymous
easy boss, also not even a rat????
By Anonymous
After many deaths I managed to kill three of the toxic little ****s with a mace before the boss jumped down and somehow killed the fourth. Made short work of him after that
By Anonymous
Pretty sure they misspelled royal pain in the ***
By Anonymous
I think your dog has autism
By Anonymous
For once I got lucky, managed to kill all four little dogs before he jumped down. it was okay from then on, but after I killed him he vomited on me, killing me and breaking all of my armor and rings. This being after i had already lost 40k souls in a previous attempt.

Whoever made this boss should be blacklisted from anything involving technology ever again. And in such a cool area too.
By Anonymous
this boss pisses me off just because i beat him and at the end i diead to toxic and had to do it all over again
By Anonymous
Thanks to whoever suggested four lingering flames in a cluster at the near start of the area to deal with toxic waste rats. This really worked well.
By Anonymous
Yes, and you call it a rat, despite the fact it is obviously a dog.
By Anonymous
Okay, superintendent Chalmers
By Anonymous
I actually really really liked this fight. It was fun
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