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By Anonymous
So many people crying about basic mechanics. You don’t need to force yourself through Dark Souls if you are bad. Just get carried by your summons and Greatshield/Hexes so you can say you beat it.
By Anonymous
Silence scum
By Anonymous
So sorry mr.proffesional dark souls veteran.
By Anonymous
"IF YOU DON'T PLAY DARK SOULS THE WAY I PLAY DARK SOULS YOU'RE BAD" - OP, a man with a clinically small *****
By Anonymous
Virgin take
By Anonymous
Incels salty because OP is right. Tears of denial from these comments, tasteful bliss xP
By Anonymous
If a boss is going to be unfair and summon a bunch of minions I’m grabbing a couple allies too, otherwise I only summon for quests. I am doing a pure melee build though to be fair
By Anonymous
I used fume ugs and took her out in 5-10 hits, very easy. Velstadt never got summoned for me.
By Anonymous
I used a Dragon Tooth imbued with Fire damage. Took a few hits and she was down. I literally didn't know she was supposed to be a hard boss until I saw people complaining about her on the subreddit.
By Anonymous
Waste of time **** boss that summons better boss.
By Anonymous
Squirrel Queen
By Anonymous
Squid Queen
By Anonymous
Worst boss in the game. Absurd damage, summons ****ing VELSTADT, it's almost a copy of Nashandra in terms of design, and the npc phantom you can summon is basically useless. -1 / 10
By Anonymous
NPC's are never useless in that one of their most important beneficial factors is distracting the boss/enemies. I would still want to summon an NPC that didn't even do damage, because honestly they all seem to do not much more damage than none in the fights, but again, that's not why they're so important.
By Anonymous
I beat her in 2 tries, you're just **** bro
By Anonymous
tried solo and with 1-2 npcs, literally every time she summoned it was velstadt , sometimes rngg just hates me
By Anonymous
Beat her on the first attempt cause she summoned the piggies - mad girl lads
By Anonymous
If you got her to spawn skeleboys, rejoice. Kill all but one and stick to her like pine resin so she is more occupied with hitting you with her scythe than spawning Verstadt. Also stripping down to my skin suit to maximise rolling helps somewhat.
By Anonymous
They could've limited her to one Velstadt summon, but he's guaranteed to show up at half health or something, but noooo, gotta find extra ways to screw the player over with RNG
By Anonymous
They could have at least made her AoE attacks damage her own summons. DS2 already has enough gank bs inflating the difficulty.
By Anonymous
It really doesn’t have that many ganks especially compared to basically every other fromsoft game. In fact, comparatively, it has the fairest ganks in the series since all the enemies have the same exploits and weaknesses that you do. Unlike ds3, where the same weapon does like 3x more damage for them as it does for you while they have nigh infinite stamina and unfair poise.
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