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By Anonymous
Another Dark boss that deals fire damage!
By Anonymous
Skellys again?!
By Anonymous
But I already defeated the dark queen...
By Anonymous
Three attempts, four summons, all Velstadt. Beat her once I realized Velstadt wasn't as tanky as I was afraid of and killed him, even though she summoned him again thirty seconds later.
If you are having trouble juggling summons consider just removing your armor, imo the extra roll distance/stamina recovery helps more than the damage you block.
By Anonymous
Mf summoned velstadt when I ignore all the skeletons.

All it take was 9 Divine Charm, 6 Poison Resin, 1 Dark Resist Pills, 2 Rogue Waters, 7 Crimson Waters, 4 Strength Balms, numerous Lifegems and 5 tries to kill her.
My strategy was, got 2 or 3 free hits while she summon her weapons, dodge attacks until she tries to summon. While she summons the skeleton, hit her fast. Deal with the skellies first then back to her. When she tries to summon another, hit her some more.

If she summon velstadt, try to juke him near her. After you dodge velstadt, hit her. But do not be greedy. Easier said than done, but always dodge veldstadt near her so you can land some hit to her without being interrupted. After a while she will try to summon more, if you time it right, you could dodge veldstadt then kill her.
By Anonymous
She's one of the hardest NG+7 bosses of all Souls games including Bloodborne and Sekiro (dunno about Elden Ring, never played it).
By Anonymous
Then go play it what are you waiting for?
By Anonymous
Took me 30 tries (: I'm so glad that it's over now, she was so hard.
By Anonymous
Shes the easiest dlc boss in the game lmao
By Anonymous
Well I suck at the game so yeah
By Anonymous
I actually find on higher NG cycles she's harder than several of the DLC bosses. In particular Aava, Singh, Blue Smelter, Alonne (never struggled with him) I find easier than higher cycle Elena. Blue Smelter's run up is obviously a nightmare though.
By Anonymous
Wait... She can summon something other than Velstadt?!?!
By Anonymous
Killed her without knowing anything about her attacks. Thought that she is a pretty easy boss and a warm-up before Sinh. Now I discovered that she can randomly summon Velstadt.... LMAO, what?
By Anonymous
This fight is so rng-based, depending on whether rng decides to be nice to you this fight could either be not that bad or a complete nightmare because she could either A summon skeletons or pigs who really aren't a treat since they're easily killed and deal fairly low damage and you can shrug off their attacks easily provided you don't have less than 3 poise, ooooor she can summon Velstadt and immediately make the fight way more frustrating, I'd advise if she summons skeletons or pigs kill all of them except one so she doesn't summon more enemies to replace them or Velstadt, If you kill all of the skeletons or pigs except one this fight is significantly more manageable since Elana herself isn't that bad provided you be careful of her Hexes and Flame Swathe, buuuuuut if she summons Velstadt immediately it's a lot more rough.
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