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By Anonymous
Ah, you were at my side all along.
By Anonymous
This with craftsman’s hammer is insane
By Anonymous
At first I didn't notice the tutorial in Things Betwixt, so I went to the ogre I spotted before entering the hut. Had a miserable first experience I was so full of confidence having finished DS1 several times. Ogre beated my *** thoroughly but eventually got the ring. Now it's a tradition to go humiliate the ogre not only for the juicy 1000 souls but especially because this ring is busted. The few times I considered removing it it made most trash mobs way more tedious, I'm so used to it. Huge recommend.
By Derpila
Makes PvE much, much easier. A curved sword + Stone Ring stunlocks every invader NPC I've come across (except Forlorn who randomly decides to roll away and ignore recovery frames)
By Anonymous
Screw Forlorn. All my homies hate Forlorn
By Anonymous
Does it add +30 poise damage to all attacks or to all weapons? Meaning two powerstanced weapons will deal together +60 more damage than regular or just +30?
By Anonymous
its everything
By Anonymous
including spells
By Anonymous
Waht rings you got bicth?
By Anonymous
cheesed through the final dlc with this + powerstanced smelter hammers
By Anonymous
If you powerstance Smelter Hammers you probably don't need this ring for the extra poise damage
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
Protip if you die in the same moment as the ogre, burn an ascetic at the first bonefire after the house of the old firekeepers, it will respawn with the ring, just be aware that it will have dmg and hp of a NG+ foe
By Anonymous
Just restart the save file
you will just waste an ascetic and you have to kill that Down Syndrome Hippo again
By Anonymous
Not so bright, are we?
Suggesting players to use ascetic in case they don't get a drop from the first enemy in the game, which is like 0.0001% anyway.
By Anonymous
jc, it take like 5-10 minutes from make new character and ill that orge again, but no, let burn an aestic to respwn it :/
By Anonymous
People hating on the poor guy but i have 3 old one souls and im pretty sure I killed that ogre, but i didnt see the ring drop/didnt know it dropped it, so its good to know a bonfire ascetic will allow it to drop again, unlike the heide lance/mask in the Gutter for instance