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An almost essential ring for Sorcerer's in PVP for those moments you're forced into melee combat, extremely useful.
its op with fast weapons. (daggers,cestus etc)
there is no spoon
How useful is this ring while dual wielding rapiers in PVE?
Is there a stone ring +1
How useful is this ring while dual wielding rapiers in PVE?
Extreme if used with something big like UGS. Enemy gets couple of steps back once get hit.
Great for ranged casters. Stuns the enemy so they can't close the gap before you cast the next spell.
Fantastic for cestus. Going from 15 poise damage to 45 is a game changer.
Is there a stone ring +1
how effective is this ring in PVE ?
A must have for the Sunken King DLC. I can ACTUALLY STAGGER the mobs now.
are there any +1 or +2 version of this ring?
A must for anyone who for some reason wants to do a Dagger weapon class only run. Being able to combo down anything with poise when powerstancing daggers is p much only possible with this ring if they have any poise at all.
Mundane dagger build will be really op with this ring
Does this also make bosses stagger more?
Yes, it does. I ended up using it to help with fighting the ruin sentinels, but not all bosses are stagger-able.
Must have ring. Helped me to r1 spam through everything expect bosses
EXCEPT* foul knave
Is there any stone ring +1 or +2?
Does anyone know if you bonfire aesthetic the things betwixt bonfire does the ogre drop it again? Kinda disappeared for me and I kinda need it bad
It does
Yes, a bonfire ascetic will cause the ring to drop again. Tested on PS4 12/17/2018.