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By heart3ele
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This looks more like a straight sword than a greatsword...
By Anonymous
Its one of only two weapons in the game that can get all 4 elemental damage bonuses. Pretty cool on its own.
By Anonymous
Which is the other one?
By Anonymous
I think it's the Witch staff
By Anonymous
Second one is mace of insolent from undead crypt. You gotta infuse and buff them on top to get there tho
By Anonymous
Location video linked is private, can't watch it, thanks for nothing.
By Anonymous
in the shulva dlc, the place where you're too busy running from jester thomas and all those half-assed dragons to check your surroundings, there is an elevator that leads up to the sanctum walk bonfire (first bonfire you reach in the dlc), but in the elevator room at the bottom there is a path that leads to the sword
By Anonymous
carried me through ng+ uninfused at base requirements. Very capable weapon, rarely needs repair powder. Capitalize on the counterattack damage with Stone ring and/or high poise armor!
By Anonymous
This weapon is a great candidate for infusion for a sorcerer or cleric, keeps an A scaling in dex while gaining a C scaling in either fth or int on top of the base magic/lighting damage. Very high counter damage for a greatsword.
By Anonymous
Best greatsword for dex build. Counter damage is insane. 2H R2 can one shot in pvp if countered an attack.
By Anonymous
I don't know why, but I Love this sword. I played DS3 first but when I got this beauty in DS2 I immediately used it because I liked it in DS3 as well. Let's say this thing destroyed Elana on my blind playthrough. Sure I died a couple of times to her but this weapon did insane damage against her. Definitely helpful if you have trouble with her.
By Anonymous
The drakeblood greatsword is 232 when 5+