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Lure one of the manikins in the next room to the golem and activate the lift
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I'm 3 years late but thank you good sir
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Very helpful
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Interesting thanks!!
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I called the elevator once and accidentally sent it back up without riding it. How do I call it a second time?
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there is a lever at the wall to the left when you enter the room with the long ladder on the right side
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Non ci sono cavalieri non di pietra
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Am I missing something? There re 12 stone soldiers not 7, and none of them come to life to be killed.
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There are enemies in the room next door.
The door to that room is guarded by the ghost-soldier sticking out of the wall.
You can lure one of these enemies in front of the golem, which will suck up its soul once you kill it.

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Playing the original DS2 for the first time on Steam. Went up the elevator to grab the chests and did not get a key.... what's up with that?

It's been months since I stopped this playthrough. I just came back to it. I remember thinking I was misremembering how to progress, so I searched for days for a way to open the door to the King's Passage.

All of this to say I don't remember what I got from the chests but I don't have the key and the door is still locked.