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By Anonymous
How do you light the stupid sconce?? I brought a torch with me and, when I got there it, it was no longer lit.
By Deadshot
When entering the Drangleic Castle chasm, make sure you have a Greatbow (Alonne Greatbow for example) and 2 Greatarrows (any type is fine), as well as at least 1 other projectile (crossbow, bow, greatarrow).
Creep forward until you can see Havel. He should aggro right away. Hit him with a greatarrow in the face to get the backstab frame animation, then again in the chest to knock him straight back and off the ledge. Then creep forward and use a 3rd projectile to pull Ricard and fight him solo. The witchtree can be easily defeated now. 2 hand or power stance your weapon and get in close, its poise is poor and should be staggered by even a longsword. Then simply light the caludron and defeat the female. Guard her and push her into the hole.

This can make a very quick and easy method, very useful for getting to Darklurker quickly. The greatarrows eliminate the toughest enemy with no risk and using the Bonfire in the Ruin Sentinel room in Drangleic makes this the quickest route to Darklurker.
By Anonymous
Or (if you are a sorcerer) equip staggering spells/hexes such as dark hail or dark orb and spam the f*ck out of each of them (be sure to pull them one at a time). if you're on your last chasm equip some soul spears for the dark lurker. A few soul-spears will put him at 1/3rd or 1/4th health, then kill him whatever way you want
By Anonymous
Just fight Havel and all enemies proper. All I see in these comments are cheese tactics and easy methods. Come on guys, smh
By Anonymous
I want you to try to fight all of these guys 4v1 on ng +7, then lmk what your video is so i can watch it
By Anonymous
So can my friend help me if i summon him as a dark spirit/abyss spirit since the enemies react to him too
By Anonymous
In a sense, yes. Though you will have to face Darklurker alone, no matter what.
By Anonymous
This place sounds hellish
By Anonymous
It is
By Anonymous
It does depend on your Level, if you around Level 120 it becomes very easy. Especially for Hex users. It is also the best place to Farm bonfire Ascetics in the not SOFTS Version of the Game.
By Anonymous
The Drangleic Castle Chasm can be cheesed really easily. If you aggro a melee enemy, run back to the starting area, and jump to the ledge just across the pool of water behind where you spawn, the enemy will simply walk into the ledge trying to get to you and never attack. You can then just shoot them with arrows until they die.
Thank you to whoever it was that left a message on that ledge, or I wouldn't have even thought to try jumping there.
By Anonymous
Havel will follow you to this ledge and then proceed to crush your ****. Do not do this.
By Anonymous
Yeah, Havel fell. It was awesome
By Anonymous
Can you respawn the dark guys in dark chasham of old? Cause I farmed them and they dewspawend
Plz tell me.
By Anonymous
Company of Champions Covenant keeps nearly everything from despawning as well as respawning those that are gone already, save for invaders NPCs and unique enemies like the blonde lion warrior. This will keep you from being invaded but enemies are harder as well.
By Anonymous
Useless reply. You cannot be in this area as a member of Company of Champions. Does not apply.
By praXis
It should be noted that completing the Chasms from easiest to hardest is NOT A GOOD IDEA. The third one will have to re-cleared every time you need to get back to the Darklurker fight - if you don't kill it on your first try, and losing all your souls due to a Havel phantom really sucks. I'd recommend leaving the Shaded Ruins Chasm for last, as it's the quickest and easiest.
By Anonymous
Git Gud
By Anonymous
Not true. you can get to the boss by completing any of the Chasms, no matter which order you cleared them the first time.
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By AntonShea53
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^Which is why OP suggested leaving the easiest Chasm for last. Saying that something isn't true when they weren't even implying whatever you misinterpreted their comment as is quite silly.
By Voidmaster
@Anton apperently, read neither of the comments properly:
praxis said quote: "...completing the Chasms from easiest to hardest is NOT A GOOD IDEA. The third one will have to re-cleared every time you need to get back to the Darklurker fight.." which is simply not true (as mentioned by the anonymous), since you can get to the Darklurker fight from any chasm, meaning you can do the chasms from the easiest to the hardest, and then use the easiest to get back to the fight if you dont finish it the first time. The only thing i dont know is, if you want to reclaim your souls, that you have to use the same chasm as before, or if all 3 chasms lead to the exact same instance)
By Anonymous
the dark phantoms in Drangleic will absoLUTELY follow you back to the entrance once aggroed. pulling them back into the starting room is an awesome way to get killed by gravity. just watch out, guide is dead wrong on that.
By Anonymous
I didn't know Dark chasm invasions don't count as sins! That doesn't make any sense at all,lore-wise they should be a double sin :assassinating a player and becoming a dark spirit.
By Anonymous
For the Drangleic Dark Chasm of Old, this strategy tip is provided: "The easiest way to kill all of the melee enemies is to simply aggro them one at a time and draw them all the way back to the beginning. Make them fall into the water at the back of the start point and go back up the ramp. They won't follow you, so you can just shoot them with arrows until they die." I have made a video guide for this where it's demonstrated, enjoy:
By Anonymous
I can't directly post URL:s here.. The YouTube video ID is: 8fCXOanT6Nc