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By Anonymous
i have all the boss souls but the door won't open, help?
By Anonymous
Same here. Emperor_Queyonce PS4
By Anonymous
you need 1,000,000 soul memory
By Anonymous
What is with the stone tree
By Anonymous
There's a mistake, says patrified dragon bone just sayin
By Anonymous
awesome i thought it was a bug
By Anonymous
No, it's a feature
By Anonymous
awesome i thought it was a bug
By Anonymous
I kill the 2 Syan Knights after talking to wellager and proceed through, but there is no statue that comes to life by a door. All I've got is the ladder room to the right and a empty room to the left. Idk what's happened. Any help?
By Anonymous
I separated the walkthrough portions from the fighting tips. Was taking a long time to know where to go so hopefully this is seen as an improvement
By Anonymous
"In game apples"?
By Anonymous
I've had the same problem as a lot of people described, the stone golems would not absorb the souls, no matter how close I would kill an enemy. Emerald Herald never spawned (like she's suppposed to) at the beginning of the staircase, After almost 10 hours of trying to get the castle doors open, I tried the last thing that came to my mind, which was to erase the game data + patches on my ps3. After I did this, I started the game in offlinemode, so I was able to check if there was anything faulty with the latest patch (1.15). I think the patchversion was 1.00, but I'm not entirely sure. Just in case, I created a new character and saved as soon as I got through the editing process. (Don't really know why that would help, but I was kind of desperate for a solution.). Then I connected my ps3 to internet to download the latest patch (1.15) and loaded my original character. I spawned at the beginning of the staircase by the castle, right in front of Emerald Herald. This really worked for me.
By Anonymous
"This cathedral looking place has stone guardians lining the path. 4 of them will come to life as you get close to them. Their eyes will turn red before they fully animate which is a good chance to get some shots in, and you can take them out before they stand up for extra damage (the ones who stand up have heads). You can also shoot them in their heads with arrows from afar, allowing you to kill them without waking them. (Note: Does not work. I killed one with bow and all others will activate.)" Im playing standard version on PS3 and I can knock off all the statue heads with arrows without waking the rest up. Knocking the heads off does not reward you with any souls, but taking them on in a fight will reward you 1000 souls.
By Anonymous
By Derunik
So I had a lot of trouble in my first walkthrough with getting too the drangleic castle, now I'm on NG+ and playing SotFS I thought I'd share the easiest way to open the castle door with having to die over and over again. So first you just sprint through shaded woods (the left path on the forked road bonfire) be aware that there is a poisonous enemy at the end of the road and an 'invisible' enemy at the end too, so lurk the poisonous one out, dodge until he's out of the stairway, use the teleport to eleum loyce, leave eleum loyce and continue your path towards the castle, avoid the 2 invisible enemys and run through the dark hall, here, you have 3 options: 1= run through but get heavily damaged, 2= kill the soldiers with ranged attacks while avoiding there lightning arrows(there's a melee one on the end of path which is also easy to kill with ranged attacks), or if you're a melee build like me(smelter set, Fume UGS,Grym greatshield) then you'd best run against the platform the two archers are standing on and hug it, they'll switch to swords and jump of, kill them, and kill the one on the end of the path. there's a crystal lizard on the path so be sure to kill it before it dissappears. now you're at the hardest part of the route: speak to the emerald herald, and walk up the stairs until you are right before the 2 mastodon platforms, to avoid fighting these, you need to run as fast as you can to the top of the stairs and walk to your left(where the chest is) to avoid fighting anything(On NG+ there will be a hard hitting phantom, you best kick him off the castle) now you are safe, you best get your bow/staff out and kill the 2 archers in front of the golems with bowls, this will open the door without having to fight a bazzilion of enemys ( if you go left you'll find a place where the melee soldiers respawn, and on NG+ they can kill you very fast, even with heavy armor) I hope this helped someone struggeling. (just make sure you never go left, the melee's keep respawning and they will most likely kill you, also beware that there are syan statues that come alive if you're near).
By Anonymous
Right, in SotFS, as I was entering the statue hallway at the back, a Forlorn with a big-*** scythe invaded. I hadn't reached the King's Gate bonfire and had tons of souls on me, so I took the fight outside, all the way to where the Emerald Herald had been standing (a closed fog gate had appeared there). Yeah, took me by surprise, as the nuisance is, at the moment of writing, not on the Enemies list...
By Anonymous
I just co-oped the first half of Drangleic Castle with a friend, first in his world and then mine, and Nameless Usurper did not invade either of us. Anyone have any ideas? We're in NG, playing SOTFS on PS4.
By Anonymous
I think there's an error about the stone spearmen room, those whose soul was used to open door/move golems DO respawn
By Anonymous
The door on the far left that has the Faraam set won't open, am I doing something wrong?
By Anonymous
You need to lure one of enemies toward the door so that their soul is absorbed; the door will then open. A sentinel is behind it, but you can just drop down the whole in the middle of the room. Kill the monster down there and you can pick up the armor set, get the bonfire and talk to Darkdiver Grandahl.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I went to the Ruined Forked Road and defeated everything.... The black gate is still not open and ive killed Lost Sinner, Old Iron King, Freja, and The Rotten. Is there something im missing?
By Anonymous
Do you have all 4 great souls? Some people seem to not pick up Freja's Red Orb for some reason.
By Anonymous
Also light the primal bonfires behind their boss rooms and the aoe thing that knocks u over should come out of the ground and talk to you.
By Anonymous
1m soul memory
By Anonymous
Did you feed the Door Golems?
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By thegourd
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that last line needs to say "your" not "you first bonfire awaits"
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