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By Anonymous
I killed her fast years ago as a DEX char... Now replaying as STR char is a nightmare, 200 Stamina swept away in a hit, wtf?
By Anonymous
Stupid EZ boss, all attacks are delayed and shes stuck after attacking leaving her open to be hit. Just dodge, hit once, repeat. When she summons crystal spears untarget her, run away at slight angle to dodge them, then lock back onto her to dodge her attack. EZ. Beat with +8 and +6 club wearing unupgraded smelter demon armour. First club broke then used the +6 one only doing 134 damage lol. EZ
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By tempustenebris
I find fighting her without phantoms lot easier, her attacks are more predictable and takes a lot more damage, like all other DLC bosses. Also phantoms available for this fight dies way too quickly, often leaving you alone with buffed aava anyway.
By Anonymous
Me at level 150 with 25 agl seeing this: :|
By jhc24
Beat her with Pyromancies (Flame Swathe and Lingering Flame mostly) with Iron King Helm after a bit of time to get used to her attacks. Even with the stuff she's weak to, she's still tanky as hell and doesn't give much openings so basically you definitely should not get too greedy with your attacks
By Anonymous
...Holy ****, you actually DO need to max out every stat to have a sliver of a chance to solo this fight.
By Anonymous
what are you talking about this fight is easy
By Anonymous
Kept dying to her with different tactics so I just left, came back two days later and did her in one try. Summons DO help keep her off my back. Thank you Ellie and Glencour.
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