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Both my scholar of the sin playthroughs, both platinumed..
Had never reached any level of sin and I killed all NPC for navlaans quest plus licia. No matter what my sin level has never had any number or symbol near it,so what you are stating doe not apply to every single player and is definitely not factitious. I have videos,pictures,whatever you need to see. I will kill an NPC on video and show you my sin level.
My cost is zero all the time if I want to pay to cleanse my sins. This game is not as the original ps3 port was I'm sure. But get your facts a bit better here it is misleading.
Lol it does apply to every player, man you're stupid. Yeah killing one NPC doesn't change it. You have to go kill at least 10 or more NPC's that are not considered traitors or whatever, as killing some NPC's does not effect sin. Your sin will stay as "---" or whatever until you've killed a lot of NPC's or invaded a lot of people. Also being in the Blue Sentinel covenant (if you are) may or may not decrease how much sin you get (if any), although this is not confirmed. Killing 1-2 NPC's does not do anything. Go kill every NPC in the game and you will have a "Sinner" level.
Licia is a traitor and killing her decreases sin by alot.
Definition of factitious. 1 : produced by humans rather than by natural forces. 2 a : formed by or adapted to an artificial or conventional standard b : produced by special effort : sham

So... maybe look words up before using them, because you said the exact opposite of what you were trying to say. Also, why start off by mentioning that you got a platinum trophy for a game? Just being good at something does not make one an authority on its inner workings, ex. Just because a person might be an expert musician doesn't mean they are an expert of the science of acoustics. A world class racecar driver does not equal a world class auto mechanic. Being able to beat a game does not mean you understand all the math that goes into its making... those are two different things.
Plus I have done a TON of invasions
Are you sure youre looking at the right thing? It doesnt actually say son lvl it just shows a chain below where it shows your class and covenant under player info.
Sin not son haha sorry man
OP's an idiot, don't waste your time. By default there is a dash to determine 0-9 sin, when he said there's never been a symbol he immediately forfeited his worth, troll or not. Also killing Licia does count as sin. I've done so specifically with the Lost Sinner's GS to test both statements
Doesn't this editor support tabs? :/



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Hi. The wiki does not provide tabs built-in. They are one of the things we are requesting to the software provider. We have been trying to find good custom code to implement ourselves, just not always easy! Please let me know if you have any ideas
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"When sin level is 'Wretch', you can go beyond 50% hp when fully hollowed."

I thought that meant you get a health bonus when you are fully hollowed. Just reach Wretch myself and now, to my surprise, when I get cursed or die a lot my max health goes all the way down to a tiny portion. Wearing the Ring of Binding helps, but its effect is also reduced now.

Thanks Wiki.
If u don't have Internet connection in ur console/pc that u have dark souls 2 in then u can't sin Maybe because of that
I took it to mean that your health can drop below 50% when you have Wretched status.
go beyond? go below? go over? go above?
Considering everyone should know that dying decreases your health when you hollow saying that it will go Beyond 50% means its gonna keep going down. Not the wiki's fault.
I'm kinda disappointed with this list because it says attacking an npc counts as sin but the * page says only killing them counts as sin. So killing an npc would equal 2 points of sin?
I just tested it, only killing an npc counts as sin
I just Killed the Ancient Dragon in my first NG and it does gives you sin (I'm playing SOTFS, PC). Cromwell is asking for 201000 Souls and this is the only NPC I've killed.
Correction: I've already killed the woman of the miracles before the Ancient Dragon, but that sin was pardoned for free.


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I've killed the ancient dragon and i have zero sins, the souls Cromwell is asking you are to reset the aggro because you attacked him, but you not get any sins for killing Ancient Dragon or Vendrick.
You need to pay 1k souls per soul level
201000 souls mean that you are soul level 201
So i want to become a wretch and always kill NPCs,HOWEVER i wear the agape ring while doing it. According to this,do i not get sins?