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how many crystal lizards are here? one or two? i'm a bit confysed from the guide.
I only found one before coming to the gutter.
So every time I use great resonant soul (hex) I loose 500 souls. Idk if is the same for all hexes
most require a soul cost
All of the resonant hexes use souls. They also do more damage than the other hexes.
in '' wooden bridge to the gutter" section of the guide, how many crystal lizards are there? one or two? i'm a bit confused from the guide.
Can someone fix the broken maps on all these pages or something?
I like how at the end it end with a sentences....bring torches
Highly recommend to explore Grave of Saints after Doors where you can join Rat covenant. Just walk through pick up all items kill area boss and be done with it.
I didn't even know there was one particular rat I had to hit on the boss, just swung wildly until everyone left.
Yeah I noticed at the end the boss rat has a red spike-mohawk except on his back
So Im with the Way of the Blue. And trying to kill everything 12 times. And notice this place is endless. no matter how many times I do it they enemys are always there to kill. What happen to 12 kill and no more respawn.
its probably because of the rat covenant to help you then or to farm rat tails without that they are rare tho have found 3 in 2 hours farming
I doubt it's for farming, since the Covenant of Champions lets you have infinite spawns and nothing stops you from just farming the tails then swapping covenants to turn them in. More likely, the rats respawn so they'll always be there to aid Rat Covenanteers when they drag phantoms into their world.
boss in ths area provides leveling exploit. Just keep killing the rats..ignore the boss rat. They are slow, so if you are out of resources, you can easily port out..