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"Bosom" also has such meanings, as "soul", "depths" and "interior". Might be an out-of-use meaning, since the game relies heavily on outdated vocabulary and word forms (verbs in 3rd person ending in "-th" rather than "-s", "thou" instead of "you", and so on), as well as simply a localization mistake.
given that the series is literally all about souls i am inclined to agree with you
Alien probe.
It means "soul", "depths" and "interior" only because it's roughly synonymous with "heart."
Maybe he really was waiting for someone to plunge it into his heart, but someone came along and stuck a keyhole on his face just to mess with him.
Even in fairly archaic usage, bosom usually just means "chest", with some connotations to the heart and soul since it was regarded as the seat of ones emotions and inner life. I personally believe it was either a bit of poor translation (which there is a lot of in Dark Souls) or perhaps the Embedded was originally supposed to have his keyhole in his chest and they neglected to change the description.
Could also be due to translation from Japanese.



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Soul is likely right what with the game being souls oriented + he disolves in the same way bosses do when you absorb there souls
accidentally hit her through the cage in game+, and now she just sits there
great! :/
Time to talk to Cromwell !
Its fuvking robbery!! Ate 185k just to pretend fart cleanse my sins. F this dude
Isn't the first pardon supposed to be free these days after that one bug that gave pretty much everyone a sin? Unless you've been a naughty boy before and used that up...
His bosom looks like a keyhole-shaped mouth. Yeah . . .
Has anyone realized this is a Kingdom Hearts reference? It's an actual freaking keyblade!
Nope, clearly a Metallica Reference, from the song 'Unforgiven 2', as it states 'I take this key and I bury it in you...', Duh.
@2nd anon this ain't it chief
Kingdom Hearts wasn't the first or only source to utilize a key as a weapon of some sort.
@2nd anon nah you had it right
@1/25/20 Red vs Blue also made a reference to a sword being a key. Also memory is a key which, if you think about it, if you get your soul memory high enough, you can open the Shrine of Winter door without needing boss souls so....
Keyblade much?
Obvious..Statement is Obvious..



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well yes but more dangerous and impaling style.
Can't be upgraded, because otherwise people might actually have wanted to use it as a serious weapon.
NG+6 after I defeated the demon of song. I could not pick up that key??? error?!
Why can't you keep, upgrade, or infuse this awesome sword? =(
I know! It's my favorite one, and this burns me up so much every time I play! >_<
You can totally keep it, you just give up the ability to get the ring.
What's the point for using it to unlock the Embedded? is it plot-important? Could I conceivably keep this Keyblade till the end of this NG run?
Yes, you could, the Ring of the Dead is a cool item, but not mandatory for the plot