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I don't have SotFS so maybe thats the difference but I just got a second ricards rapier. I found the one in huntsmans copse awhile back, just had one drop from a spider in Brightstone Cove
At +10 uninfused and 50 dex Ricard's Rapier has 315 pure phys AR, more than all of the other rapiers. I didn't check the Chaos Rapier as I didn't have the stats.
Wiith Strength 7, Int/Faith 13 and 50 Dex the Chaos Rapier deals 348 damage, 110+69 physical and 110+59 fire damage. So while the Chaos Rapier deals more damage, it lacks the powerful R2 that can land you a major bleed/poison effect on your target. Funnily enough, the Chaos Rapier gains an S scaling in Fire if infused with bleed/poison, even though its damage output gets knocked down significantly.
This page says it is "not quite useful at inflicting poison" wtf you can poison anything with 1 r2 attack flurry.. btw use it like this I'm the dark chasm to poison all the mean baddies them nail them with your reg weapon.
What stats are require to wield this weapon? My character seems to be unable to use it effectively and I don't understand why. Low Dex?
are you dumb?
It literally says 8 strength and 25 dex got that casul?
poor nub boy
Upgrade to 10 ,infuse with poison, use sanctum gauntlets, rat ring, single heavy attack 100% poison guatanteed. Mytha Blade need 3-4
Strike and trident need 2 strike



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Why would they put it in an iron chest if it can easily be farm from the spiders? I got 3 of them without wanting before reaching Huntmans Copse.
It seems they removed Ricards rapier from Spiders' drops...
Nah, I got 2 just yesterday.
They didn't. Just got this way today.
I love this thing. My second playthrough, I found it after cheesing dragonrider and rishing to huntsman's for a whip build. Found this and made the game easy peasy.
In ds1 and ds3 hits a little faster than a straight sword s r1, here in dark souls 2 hits almost as fast as kenshiro. A risky strong attack but breaks poise easily, perfect for poisoning or inflicting high elemental damage quickly