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It makes your legs skinnier.
This is a wiki, honestly, who is gonna care about spelling errors?
Is there like a full set or just the skirt?
just the skirt
Shouldn't it be Trobairitz? Seeing as a troubadour is male and this is clearly mean for a female?
don't tell the troubadour what he can wear
gender equality means big men can wear dresses while kicking *** dont @ me
Lemme add a huge hint: THEY CAN CHUG! Bring the dam talismans
I Survived The Cave Of The Dead Gank And All I Got Was This Stupid Skirt



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You even get a titanite Slab
The skirt is a good chioce for a fast character...usually i wear it togheter with the Moon Butterfly Wings, Sanctum Priestess Tiara and Sanctum Soldier Gaunglet
It's a good Fashion Souls choice XD


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When it comes to fashion souls, there's hardly anything you can pair this with which is a shame because it actually looks good (and bonus stats). Xanthous coat can work if you don't mind the contrast in yellow shades. Personally I just use it with the Singer's Dress even though that covers up the flower skirt, leaving you with the shoes.
I use it with the Ivory crown, Sorceress brassiere and lion warrior gloves. I love it.
I use it with the Ivory crown, desert sorceress brassiere and lion warrior gloves. I love it.
nobody asked
Sir it doesn't matter if anyone asked, they just wanted to socialize
Fashion souls best Soul game. Don't mind the haters buddy, you have my respect.
Well i came here explicitly for fashion advice, thats as close to asking as youd get. "Nobody asked" ... you hollow or something?