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There is one found on the cristal lisard in iron keep
Basilisks in Things Betwixt also drop Firedrake stones.


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does it scale with faith and intelligent
it scales withe intelligence. Lightning = FTH Fire = INT
Previous Anon is speaking the language of the rectums. Let me quote the other wiki: "The base Fire BNS, with 0 INT and 0 FTH is 50. Increases once with any 2 points in Intelligence and Faith, so either 1 INT + 1 FTH or 2 INT or 2 FTH. This effectively means it scales with the total or average. For example, 5 INT + 55 FTH, 30 INT + 30 FTH, and 55 INT + 5 FTH all result in 147 Fire Bonus. 60 combined Intelligence and Faith is the soft cap."
not with yours, friend