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By Sycarius
Hi all, I wanted to add this to the wiki page but it won’t let me edit the Wrathful Axe page. Could someone please confirm and add this useful information as I’ve not seen it anywhere else (although I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this).

The Wrathful Axe 2-handed special deals poison build-up as well as dealing dark damage. This seems to be a flat value equivalent to that dealt by poison throwing knives. It doesn’t seem to be modified by the Crest of the Rat ring or the Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet but buffing the weapon with Rotten Pine Resin seems to double (?) the poison build up dealt (halves the number of attacks needed to inflict poison). Also, curiously, when the Red Tearstone Ring is activated it seems to increase the poison build up 150% (1.5 times).
Lvl 257, Str 50, Dex 30, Adp 20, Fth 65, Wrathful Axe+5 (WA). Tested on the dormant (pre-Aava) retainers in Eleum Loyce (NG+). Control used for comparison was the Poison Throwing Knives (PTK).
Takes 4 PTK to inflict poison.
Takes 4 special attacks with WA to inflict posion.
Takes 2 PTK and 2 special attacks with WA to inflict posion.
Takes 4 special attacks with WA to inflict poison when wearing Crest of the Rat and Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet.
Takes 2 special attacks with WA buffed with Rotten Pine Resin to inflict poison.
Takes 3 special attacks with WA to inflict poison when Red Tearstone Ring is active.
Takes 3 special attacks to inflict poison with the Channeler’s Trident Buff active.
Takes 3 special attacks to inflict poison with the Dragon Torso Stone buff active.
By Sycarius
Additional Testing Notes
Takes 2 special attacks with poison-infused WA.
Takes 2 special attacks with poison-infused WA, Crest of the Rat and Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet.
Takes 2 special attacks with poison-infused WA, Crest of the Rat, Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet, Channeler’s Trident buff and active Red Tearstone Ring.
By Sycarius
I should also mention this is Dark Souls II with DLC not Scholar of the First Sin, I don't know if it makes a difference (it shouldn't).
By Anonymous
Based on the data, you're much better off using poison pine resins and keeping the damage. I recommend coupling it with the poison mist pyromancy and casting that before using the WA if you get a parry in PvP
By Anonymous
My Wrathful Axe seems seems to be doing inconsistent damage values, ranging from 280 and 590, and I can't quite tell why, I was hoping someone might have an answer
By Anonymous
It's a Halberd, which means it has a "sweet spot". You'll deal higher damage if you hit directly with the blade. Damage dealt from the hilt/staff portion will have lower damage output.
By Anonymous
Unlike DS1, DS3, and Bloodborne, all weapons in DS2 will deal less damage if you don't hit the enemy with a part of the weapon that would realistically deal "full damage." So if you swing a straight sword and just barely scrape them with the tip, you will deal reduced damage. This mechanic becomes especially problematic on halberds since they have such a small sweet spot and slow moveset.
By Yorshka
I updated the information on the page so this will be less confusing for people.
By Anonymous
If i'm not mistaken this is because this weapon is a halberd. Therefore it has a sweet spot. So my guess would be that your damage varies because you're not hitting with it's sweet spot.
By Anonymous
This weapon is a beast. It has deceptively long range, even in a game with broken hit boxes. Has good elemental infusions, one of only a few weapons that get a "B" scaling. Has good base damage as well. Do not raw infuse though, it doesn't get the usual 15% base damage buff, only 10% and it kills the weapon art. Such a good weapon, only available late game though.
By Anonymous
Beg to differ on the late game part tho. I have only killed rotte of the 4 and im at 508 000 ish souls. Took just above 4h and 12 min for me to get it. But my run was specifically targeting this weapon.
By Anonymous
Is there any reason to use this instead of the Crypt Greatsword? Because I have around 700-800 attack damage with the greatsword, and considering stats investment and such, I dont really see the upside here...
By Anonymous
Why are you comparing 2 different weapon classes? Do you know how to play this game
By Anonymous
He's comparing them due to both weapons being dark hybrid focused.

That being said Crypt Greatsword is by far the best weapon for Dark hyrbid builds.
By Anonymous
different moveset, for the fun of it. sometimes people lose sight of the fact that games are games and not every decision has to be purely utilitarian
By Anonymous
Crypt UGS is boring
By Anonymous
If I infused it with dark,will the AOE’s damage be increased?
By Anonymous
Wiki is incorrect, unfortunately, as is several others. Dark Scaling is C when infused, even at +5. But for some reason gets a B Scaling with Fire, Lightning, Magic if infused with all of those respective infusions. Very odd choice, especially considering the person who uses it literally casts dark magic.
By Anonymous
Lightning seems to be the way to go
By Anonymous
Not really, infuse with dark the WA is increased a lot
By Anonymous
sure, just hit with the end of the weapon like all halberds
By Anonymous
Dark infusion and dark blade increase the special AOE damage by a lot
By Smithy_Winfred
Dark infusion SIGNIFIGANTLY impacts damage of the special attack - nearly doubling the damage from roughly 400 to over 800 (tested with 28 Int/fth). Does not happen with any other infusion. In addition, the dark weapon spell also increases special attack damage - making this weapon much more of a hexer-based weapon than it's C scaling would suggest.

p.s. Its not specifically noted on the wiki page, but the special attack DOES cost durability, similar to many other weapon special moves