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annoying ring for annoying MM system. ._.
But what's the upside of this ring?
Prevents you from getting a high enough soul memory that you can't invade/co-op people in a specific memory range. For invaders, it means you can keep preying on noobs and/or other players with baser gear. For co-op, it means that you don't risk gaining enough souls to push yourself out of summoning range of your friends.
rocking this ring flynns ring rob+2 and a ring depending on what im feeling like on sm 39K and absolutely wrecking fools with unupgraded weapons
This type of***** is why people in the community started modding their stuff to hell and back. God mode and all that, truly we reap what we sow.
Still twinking and strong in 2020. gg, *****, stay toxic.
I can beat you with my bare fists scrub, stfu.
if you need to abuse game mechanics in order to win, you're not good


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wow a cool man
It's almost like the devs forgot about the high skill cap in the online community, and how sweaty dedicated twinks will always find a work-around
Is it frowned upon to use it to assist lower levels/new players? I've been contemplating grabbing it on a lower soul memory character and running my old mace and alva armor with hiede knight iron mask combo. Even contemplated running it wish the red-eyed ring for people who find themselves needing some assistance.
with not wish, my apologies for any confusion there
hey whats up guys hows it going
pre good how are you?
why bother with a ring when dev shouldve just create an npc for stagnating soul memory. The ring takes up a slot.
Too OP plz nerf. Too much extra damage and resistance for wearin the ultimate fashion ring? Unnaceptable