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Where's the guy with the marriage joke?
Kinda sucks that it takes up one ring slot
all these comments that clearly didn't even read the base entry lol jesus people cmon
Because screw passwords with friends... this is Dark Souls, git gud
Passwords are even more dumb because sure a level 1 can go around with 3 overleveled phantoms
Never sully the name of the first game you philostine, what you meant to say is "Dark Souls 2" or "The Nameless Son of the Firstborn."
Passwords do stale down over leveled phantom damage tho
Can it be traded? You'd think it would say so. The ring of whispers page has the information.


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Strangely enough, no, I can't seem to Leave it on the ground. You can leave just about any other non-covenant ring on the floor, though. I wonder why. I was going to try to make a new character, get him to the white soapstone without killing a single enemy, then drop him the ring on an alt for a zero-soul run through the game. I guess you need at least 5,000 souls to buy it from Straid yourself. effin' eff, mothereffer.
It should be mentioned that you also can't sell to Gavlan while wearing this thing.
imagine creating such a dumb system that you need to implement a item only so players can bypass it truly advanced game design
Dope point bro. Soul memory being bad is something I’m so glad someone finally had the balls to say it since absolutely no one else has. Can’t emphasize how sick I think you are broski
Yeah, if they wanted to stop twinking they shouldn't have added this ring
Also, you don't get the souls that the ring absorbs. Ever. I was wondering if I'd get them when i took the ring off, nope, they're gone.
I don’t like the typical toxic “git gud” souls community types but holy***** did you really think you had found a ring that let you bank souls and turn on an easy mode for the easy mode’s easy mode or something? What game do you think you’re playing
"This allows players to control their online matchmaking experience by limiting their total souls collected". Yeah, and also limiting the items you can buy because there's no *****ing way you can gain souls to spend on items, reinforcing or repairs if you wear the ring, and if you take it off then you raise your Soul Memory and you fixed nothing. Such a bad system, SM should have been an optional feature.
for those in 2020 still wondering if dark souls 2 still has the crappy SM system. it does. I still have an sl 25 at 39998 sm with a +10 ultra Greatsword. and I'm still 1-2 hitting scrubs in forest of fallen giants/bastile/wharf. SM still does nothing to stop it. it just stops bad players from being able to do it. which means only somewhat skilled players can do it, which is worse. it also prevents archers or mages from being able to do it without hours of grinding for consumables and arrows every now and then. You'd be surprised at how many brand new players there are still checking in to this game. oh well, more food for my sword x'3
i mean u found a way around so why complain, from wanted it to be convoluted lmao, "only somewhat skilled players can equip a ring" LOL
No, only somewhat skilled players can get the ring while remaining under a certain SM and not losing any souls at all.
what are hacked save files for my duderoni
Yeah whatever you say, just don't get mad if the second time you evade me my wooden arrow suddenly does 100% of your health bar you jackasses
The only scrub is you for trolling new players.