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By far one of the best rings in the game for advanced player a who wish to beat the game at crazy low soul memory. So worth it if you understand the rings true power.
Its true power is to keep overpowered cheaters away from people who wants fair challenge in pvp, that's my hope at least, pvp with sl150 and the lowest sm possible.
The True Power to run far ahead and get high level gear to use on new people in the Forest of Fallen Giants? It's a troll ring.
By True Power do you mean allowing me to be slain by someone with a full Black Dragon set in the Forest of Fallen Giants at base level? Because that's been my whole experience with it.


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funny im playing sotfs in ps4 and when i purchase the ring from Straid, it has no name and no description, it only read: NO TEXT....
Ye, just have to have 30,000 souls on hand I believe
So since the ring absorbs the souls will the 1 point of sin not be added to my character if I kill an NPC?
Soul Memory, not Soul Level. You can't reach soul level 30,000 lol. You have what's called "Soul memory" Which is a collective number of ALL souls you've obtained throughout your playthrough, It only goes up, never down. You need at least 30,000 soul memory to buy the ring. So you have to have obtained 30,000 souls total (not holding, just having ever obtained that many as time goes on) to see the ring in the shop.
Not on hand, you just need a Soul level of 30.000 so no need to save up.
One ring slot waste because of this ***** soul system.
Wow,I don´t think this is even possible :b
Wow,I don´t think this is even possible :b
So since the ring absorbs the souls will the 1 point of sin not be added to my character if I kill an NPC?
So since the ring absorbs the souls will the 1 point of sin not be added to my character if I kill an NPC?
you are right, mate, thank god they put the engraved ring which is another slot wasted
deez nuts
Ye, just have to have 30,000 souls on hand I believe
Would equiping this ring prevent released souls from activating the golems in the ivory king zone?
No, they still go to the golem's heart
No, they still go to the golem's heart
I am not sure what the point of this ring is?
To re-spawn enemies, you will need to use a bonfire ascetic, which also brings back the area boss, all at the next New Game level.
It's to keep you from increasing your soul memory so you can stay in the same PVP bracket and not be forced to level up in order to compete with tougher players.
Does this ring allow you to kill enemies without despawning a zone?
Enemies will still despawn if you kill them enough times. I did this yesterday on SOTFS PC.
If you have no souls to lose, then no stress. When I first saw it I thought it would work like a bank and allow me to collect them from the ring, but it just nullifies them completely.
Does this also save you from losing your souls on death? If so that seems like a great bonus.
Does this also save you from losing your souls on death? If so that seems like a great bonus.
No, it only prevents you from getting souls when a boss or enemy dies so your "Soul Memory" doesn't go up. PvP matching and invasions are based on your character's soul memory. If you have 100,000 soul memory you can only invade people who have around the same. There is a calculator on this website -
which goes into more detail. It only does this. It is so you can maintain a low level so you can have a better chance at finding some PvP, basically. This a mechanic designed to match up people of similar skills (and it a bad way of doing it in my opinion). It doesn't work like a Ring of Sacrifice
why are you asking us if you are not sure what the point of the ring is? I cannot read your mind
So if this ring absorbs souls for you without changing your soul level, does that mean you can't use these souls as currency / experience?
Yes... It's the only way to stop your SM from increasing. Too high and you play alone...

They should've at least made a soul counter... Like for example, Agape Ring has absorbed 500K Souls, you can "use" the ring to acquire those souls (they can put a cap if they want to, like 1M max souls, then the next "absorbed" souls will not be recorded anymore)... Because man, imagine killing 500 gazillion worth of enemies, but you don't really get them... 'Cause Agape is potato.
Yes, however putting the ring on doesn't mean you'll never be able to get sous again, just while you're wearing it. DS2 has a universally hated soul memory system where even if you decide not to level up, your soul memory keeps rising and you begin playing with people who have collected more souls and generally have levelled their characters higher.

Wearing the ring prevents your soul memory(known as SM) so you can control the soul memory level of the people you play with.


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yeah, let's completely disable the entire currency system, because who the hell in the right mind would ever need supplies
Sir, i think you might be dumb. may I recommend a mental health assessment?
I'll explain. This ring is to negate or rather control your "soul memory", which is a system that keeps a record of every soul you obtained. Which then serve has a "summon range calculator/who can see your summon signs". Ex: all your friends are around 5 million souls but you're getting higher and higher. At one point you won't be able to play with them anymore, this ring is to help you prevent that. Like the "name's engraved ring" which extend the summon range.
P.S although for a different reason, I share your opinion that this is a useless ring. Not bc it does not work or has purpose but bc it take an actual ring slot that could be used for a better ring.
instead of a ring why not just remove that mechanic from the game completely? no lets make players waste a ring slot.
I think the concept of Soul Memory is kinda dumb, but I never played DS2 so I don't think I can make this my permament opinion. I think the sell price of this think should be equal to the amount of souls it absorbs. This would only make sense in a world where SL determines summoning range, though.
Soul Memory is dumb. That's why they removed it in ds3. But the sell price of this thing should stay the same. You don't really need those souls, because you can easily farm Giant Lord for millions.
People just complain about soul memory because it makes their low level with end game gear invader strategy a lot more complicated, or because the concept isn't straight forward enough for them.

In practice I think soul memory far outperforms the **** floods of overly equipped low levels I've seen in every other soul game, even though this ring makes it perfectly possible to have such a character. It just takes *gasp* a teeny bit of effort.
This ring is useful when used online for matching with people going up against bosses so can be used to farm sunlight medals and tokens of fidelity
To all the people who go and say they don't know the purpose of the ring right away, take a moment, pause, take a deep breath, and start reading, because everything you would need to know is just 1-2 scrolls up... I know it's crazy...