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By Anonymous
I doesn't respawn I tried to even use a bonfire aestetic and it didn't make her respawn
By Anonymous
I think her face is kind of cute but EUGH THAT BODY
By Anonymous
Thought she gonna gives something cool like a ring or weapon...The little **** gave ****
By Anonymous
So you want a reward on top of killing innocent creature? The entitlement
By Anonymous
It's not innocent, it constantly FARTS!
By Anonymous
Found your mom.
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By Anonymous
Playing the game for the first time. Killed gross giant buglady with fire the moment I saw it. Not regretting anything!
By Anonymous
I have no problem with bugs. I, in fact actually like them really much. Insects and spiders are fascinating but this thing... It scares me... If you are afraid of bugs, I wonder how you reacted to this thing. Because I'm not, but this is an exception.
By Anonymous
I had to take a step back because I didn't see its legs or head so I turned my camera and got a faceful of those creepy *** eyes and head. Definitely my most genuinely unpleasant experiece in DS2. Killed it immediately. **** bugs.
By Anonymous
I burned it. My mind just noped out at the sight of that....thing.
By Anonymous
I was looking the area looking for how to proceed and in this cave I spotted I saw a shadow of...something. I really like the gutter it's really immersive going deeper and deeper with only your torch and the scones you lit to guide you as you go further and further in the overwhelming abyss below. Super immersive but with that immersion came terror. I knew there was an area with a bunch of spiders and I thought it was time to face my arachnophobia. Luckily I steeled myself and proceeded to find out it's just a super creepy, and super friendly ant that resembles a spider a bit too much. I didn't kill her she was just minding her own business and she gave me curatives. For a split second though I contemplated my journey through dranglaeic had came to an abrupt end.
By Anonymous
Friend ahead
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By Qu4tr0
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Contrary to what people are saying, the bug itself isn't saying "I love you" or anything of the sort. The sound you hear is the default sound for "enemy nearby" when wearing the Ring of Whispers.
By Anonymous
Should someone edit the page, since people are saying it doesn't respawn?