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By Anonymous
This boss literally made me quit when this game came out.
Now I’ve beat it, cheering my victory, only to find out it was totally optional and didn’t have anything useful and just sighing and moving on.
Pretty Dark Souls honestly
By Anonymous
Bro, i am stupid. I actually lowered the damn gate and made this whole thing harder than it is supposed to be. I could just shoot the damn thing to death instead, that would be way easier.
By Anonymous
Finally, a gimmick boss that is actually FUN!
By Anonymous
And that's how you do a gimmick boss. Not that Bed or Volnir bs
By Anonymous
Finding it hard to deal with the skeleton gank squad? Do you have the yearn sorcery? If so, Yearn can go make the skeletons wander off to chase butterflies and get run over while you deal with the summoners, or after they are dead, just not bother you while you hide.

Trivializes the worst part of the boss fight.
By Anonymous
You could also bring a bow and poison arrows and shoot the chariot as it passes, eventually it will fall into a hole and then you have to hit the horses once, pretty trivial tbh.
By Anonymous
Man, just killed it without killing the necromancers first, thought i was going to die so many times and didnt. Kill yhe necromancers first.
By Anonymous
To those of you who want to rush to the boss and not bother fighting along the way, rush there and jump across the little gap just before the entrance. Any enemies will back away/fall down.
By Anonymous
Be free my master!