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how much does it cost?
About 5,50
A summoned friend of mine recently dropped it for me to use it and later I gave it back while being a phantom.
I sold mine to gavlan before manscorpian.. Cat doesn't have it anymore.. Am I *****ed?
Seconded, I dropped mine for a friend. He was able to grab the ring and use it with no problems
i am aware that you cannot voice chat with invaders but will a nearby invader trigger the growling sound effect?
(just thought it could make pinpointing invaders a little faster, as every advantage helps)
(Controller rumbles)..(Invaded by a dark spirit) (Takes a quick look about, no invader in fov..) (Intentionally waits around for 30-40 secs) (Pops a Seed of a Tree of Giants, then Chameleon spell and nestle in to a "Safe" spot) (Distant Diaper filling sound, then ass-whooping noises) (Internal lulz) INVADER BANISHED! Thx for the effigy, scrub!
how close do enemies need to be before the sound effect will play?
At cardinal tower I hear it say "are you ready" near the bonfire
i put the ring of whispers on and there i hear it. a soft whisper saying "git gud"
I accidentally sold it shortly after getting it, is there a way to get it back? or is it gone forever?
Gone until NG+ I believe. If you don't want to wait again get a friend to buy one and let you borrow it for the quest.
5800 souls to trivialize a boss fight, get a fragrant branch of yore, and the warmup gesture? Even though the "detect enemies" schtick is way less practical than it claims (you can't tell where the enemies are or what they are, just that they're somewhere around you), this ring is still worth getting if for Tark's quest line alone.