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By FeedontheWeak
is the a difference between Lightning plus five or a weapon leveled up to ten then infusing lightning
By Anonymous
theres no difference between infusing then upgrading and upgrading then infusing
By Anonymous
I think the question is asking which is better: This Lighting-infused +5, or normal UGS Lighting +10
By Anonymous
boss weapons only go to plus five.
By Anonymous
It HAS a special attack, that says a description, but it hasn't in the table on the top
By Anonymous
Forossa? Did the Ivory King in his time as a knight fought with Vengarl then?
By Anonymous
My little theory: If Vengarl is supposed to be DS2 Guts the Ivory King would be Griffith then.
By Anonymous
I see little connection between the two apart from both being born in Forossa.
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By Grim_Reaper
yeah it's Guts and Griffith. The tiger pets and the city are huge giveaways.
By Anonymous
Nice weapon for stats at all 99, +5 clean i did 1100 per hit two handed without flynn,rob etc
By Anonymous
Must be one of those *** who mods his level instead of actually playing the game. I can't imagine earning 99 in all stats. And it's a great weapon for a quality build at 40/40.
By Anonymous
Lol farm Giant lord and you will achieve level 99 everything in about 6 days, I did it for my ng+7
By Anonymous
Guy from 25th March is right. Giant Lord is your go to if you want to farm levels.
By Anonymous
i just love this one,such a great moveset and such damage...beautiful...kinda sorry it looks like***** tho
By Anonymous
It's fd up by the old chaos, what did you expect? Candy on a stick?
By Anonymous
The sword is not a drop from the King that has been ages in The Old Chaos, it is crafted by Ornifex. Maybe she could have made a pretty sword with her smithing arts and some dedication, but no... She likes to play "by the book" and makes stuff weird/ugly according to the boss soul.
My cinnamon cake is not wood-hard and musky like a cinnamon stick... maybe Ornifex could've broken the laws of smithing on this one and make a pretty Ivory-white sword with a shiny polish or something. Either way, the sword looks cool anyways xD
By Anonymous
Quick question: might have missed this, but is the buff when 2-handing classified as magic? If so, can the damage be boosted by the sorcery clutch ring?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It can but unless it has some wild modifier on good attacks I dont think it is well used ring choice.
By Anonymous
Yes the sorcery clutch ring boosts the magic damage.
By Anonymous
Very low durability. Breaks too quickly.
By Anonymous
only if you don't equip durability ring. oh, and the blade takes away more durability if you two hand for light saber attacks
By Anonymous
Mix 1 h with 2h od nas ring. If 2h was ,,,"free" It would be too good for pve.
By Anonymous
The sword itself has a durability of 200. Pretty good if I say so myself.