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By Anonymous
Two-handed jump attack doesn't get the autobuff... sad
By Anonymous
Ng3 and deals 1300 damage!!!
By Anonymous
Since it has an int requirement of 8 already, you might as well go up to 10 and equip Repair.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
that magic infusion damage though... downright tragic
By Anonymous
Arguably the best UGS in the game, damage is insane for both pvp and pve and repair powder and bracing knuckle counter its biggest weakness, also I would recommend staying away from bleed infuse unless you fully commit to a bleed build
By Anonymous
You need like 10 repair powder to fully recover it's durability tho
By Anonymous
I mean, if You have defeated the ivory king i don't think that money is a problem to you
By Anonymous
Bruh i was just testing it out on those furries in dragon shrine, unupgraded it did 700 damage in one 2hR2 if both blade and beam connects (mind you i did have a quality build and used flynn rob)
By Anonymous
"Bruh" leave that cringefest term to instagrammers, reddittors or twitch streamers.
"Furries" you wanted to sound funny and cool, I get it, but if they have scales you should call them scalies instead.
The next time you want to sound like that dude bro streamer that you admire so much, at least do your reps.
By Anonymous
That first reply just screams autism. lmao
By Anonymous
That is the most maidenless 1st reply i have ever seen
By Anonymous
Dude who replied first likes sitting on poles.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Fun sword.
By Anonymous
Had a guy that had seemingly infinite durability invade me the other day. Would not take his finger of r1 once, for like 2 minutes
By Anonymous
probably had multiple copies.
By Anonymous
Why does 2 insist on making so many ultra greatswords take 30 dex and be heavy dex scaling? Since 2 also doubles strength when two handing instead of the 1.5 in the other games that means you need more investment in dex than strength.
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By SlaveKnightKos
2 doesn't double your strength scaling when you two hand, as clearly proven that a riposte does the same damage for a strength scaling weapon in either 1 or 2 hands, unless you don't meet the requirements one hand.
This is because the game uses your base stats to make a modifier number in the stat screen, and then each weapon takes a percentage of that as AR.
By Anonymous
because 2 was the last game where quality builds were good
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Am.. am I confused?

Fextra: It's a Boss weapon GS with special attack, therefore it cannot be buffed OR infused"

Me: Right, established.

Also Fextra: hehe you should put bleed on it hehe

Uh. Wut.
(and it's the same with the MLGS - can't be buffed or infused? Hey you should put enchanted path on it huehuehue)
By Anonymous
Page very clearly states it can be enchanted.
By Anonymous
Weapon type: Ugs
Damage: Slash/thrust
Enchantable: Yes
Special: No
What's confusing?