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By Anonymous
bruh to all saying its impossible to get +2 i got it three times now
By Anonymous
You might be the dumbest person alive.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Awesome bruh do you want your medal now or should we wait until you get it a fourth time?
By Anonymous
Notice how you’re saying this in 2021 for a game that came out in 2014...loser
By Anonymous
I always appreciate nice bait
By Anonymous
There should be a note specifying that for the +2, "random world" means different hosts. If you invade the same host 800 times and then 200 randoms, it won´t work.
Tested it with both 1000 saponite invasions, 1000 creo invasions, and two pc´s with different steam accounts.
By Anonymous
Goooooodddd Daaammnnn!
By Anonymous
That’s some dedication...
By Anonymous
1000 successful invasions with the broken pvp in 2? No thanks
By Anonymous
You are getting down-voted by the DS2 fanboy brigade. They have played only DS2 since launch, haven't showered, and probably post rants about how all modern games suck except for DS2 on Reddit.
By Anonymous
DS3 pvp is objectively better in 2021. The downvotes just don’t play anything else.
By Noobasta
"bruuh piople ar saying itz rard but like i got it 20 times"
By Anonymous
Time to cheat in the +2 and watch the pvp diehards cry
By Anonymous
Or don't give a single damn.
By Anonymous
Found the loser
By Anonymous
This dude fr said "found the loser" LOOOL. If you got this legit you most likely wake up at 6 am to sit on dark souls PVP all day. Guess what bro? Unlike you, some people have actual jobs or responsibilities and don't just sit on their fat *** in their mothers basement playing this game all day.
By Anonymous
My favorite ring tbh, make tryhards that invade me cry and also deny kills.

too bad that the +2 of it is so cancer to get
By Anonymous
1000 times....
Welp, there goes my ''Get all the rings'' quest.
By Anonymous
I don't think +Versions count towards the trophy (Unless this was a personal goal, then rip dude)
By Anonymous
I lost my get all rings quest when I saw you had to play online. I don't want to spend 60 bucks just for PVP.
By Anonymous
Wear this ring to be a [BIG SHOT]
By Anonymous
Can anyone drop me the +2 version on Xbox? Gt is AnimeMan69
By Anonymous
If you delete your Xbox and Microsoft account first, I’ll think about it.
By Anonymous
No. Get off your *** and fight for it.
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By Rads
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Even killing 100 hosts would be overkill.