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By Anonymous
I other words, this is useful but it only works about every 3rd hit you receive. Works best with old sun ring for maximum damage.
By Anonymous
Thanks I'll try that
By Anonymous
Wow no Kirk -2/10 game uninstalling immediately
By Anonymous
It's not as good as 1 or 3, but it's still good. All souls games are. It's kind of cool in it's own way how different it is, idk. I just try to see the positive. It's an amazing game, just not as amazing as 1 or 3.
By Anonymous
70% chance to counter attack PASSIVELY? Jesus CHRIST. Stack this with, say the Old Leo ring and you've got a helluva thang.
By Anonymous
you gonna kill 1000 hosts for it?
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By EvilUnicornLord
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I'm sorry, you have to do 1,000 successful invasions to get the max version of this thing? Well then...
By Anonymous
The +2 version is why I'm glad there's no ring master achievement
By Anonymous
+2: Invade a random world as dark spirit and defeat the host player 1000 times.
By Anonymous
I got the thorns +2 two times now.

By Anonymous
And that +2, among other things like the Blue Sentinels' requirements, is why I'm glad Cheat Engine / item swapping exists. :^)
By Anonymous
Only scrubs cheat you loser
By Anonymous
july 31st anon is an idiot. You're saying this dude is a scrub because he'd rather not have to kill 1000 different hosts. Yeah dude. Sure.