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By Anonymous
Holaaaa someone interested in coop?
Name: visiert :-)
By Anonymous
Pc or Ps?
By Anonymous
currently wondering why it says that the blue smelter demon fight is available through a dlc yet there are no dlc's for scholar of the first
By Anonymous
Scholar has all the DLC's already
By Solraian
Wait, so I bought the SofFS cd version for my 360 for nothing? I don't even get the new npc/boss or new endings, or anything? Because I pretty much had most if not all the added weapons on my vanilla version.
By Anonymous
If you bought SOTFS, you will get all the new stuff, aside from things that are exclusive to nextgen (or in this case previous gen) consoles, such as updated graphics.
By Anonymous
Currently playing on PS4, covenants discovered so far: Heirs of Sun, Way of the Blue, Brotherhood of Blood, Blue Sentinels, Bell Keepers, and Champions. Just looking for coop or pvp fun. PSN choko_unltd100
By Anonymous
llevo mas de la mitad del juego y no he encontrado el anillo de proteccion de vida (el que cuando mueres no pierdes tus almas), lo retiraron del juego? o en que parte se consigue?
By Anonymous
Ese anillo se compra de un vendedor en Huntsmans Copse, el que vende los Hexes