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She dropped a Raw Greataxe +3 on NG just now. Don't know how rare that is (if it is actually rare) but my character had no item descovery boosts of any kind on. Just wanted to share.
arrow+bow as a cheap technique... I feel really bad...
Strategy: She invaded me on a platform where there are 3 oil puddles. I just lit 1 puddle on fire and circles around until she her dealth
She touched my butt senpai Q.Q


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Tested the drop rate of Raw Greataxe +3 with change of save file in offline mode. First 20 tries while almost fully hollow with Traveling Merchant Hat an Watchdragon Parma - nothing. Then 10 tries while human w/o item discovery - nothing. Then 20 more tries while hollow with Traveling Merchant Hat + Watchdragon Parma + Prisoner's Tatters - nothing. Then 1 try while hollow with Ring of Soul Protection on and Traveling Merchant Hat + Watchdragon Parma + Prisoner's Tatters got me an axe.
To bring her down I recommend the same tactic as with heide knights - heavy thrusts to bring her out of poise, while keeping out of range. I two-handed Grand Lance and spammed r1 with stone ring on.
This is also a reference to Bilinda Butcher, singer of My Bloody Valentine
I'm pretty sure it's a reference or nod to Maneater Mildred. I doubt Dark Souls would make a reference to my bloody valentine.
FFVII referenced the band also, so could be!


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Probably isn't, though.