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It doesn't carry to NG+? That's dumb, what's the point of doing it then?
why my vendrick blessing doesn't work
In the name of Jolly Cooperation!!
Fashion souls at its finest
PvP. Summoning invaders, dragon remnants or even invading people yourself (you need to be human in order to invade).
fashion souls
I suppose it's mostly for the lore. That you, and you alone have broken the shackles, and you alone have transcended the curse
Bonfire ascetics will still let you use it's effect on higher NG cycles effectively. Now you can farm bonfire ascetics and simpleton's/skeptic's spices to have a meta-lvl melee build with access to every spell without fear of hollowing I guess...
I think you can still hold on to the DLC crowns
Do you have to get the crowns, or can you just talk to vendrick
Really, can't you Read?
Someone's asking a question and you take the time to not even answer you casul? You need all three crowns
Try tongue but hole
horse but horse
plunging attack required ahead
Try thrust
Miscreant ahead, try sadness


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Do I have to collect the 3 DLC crowns again in NG+? Or using the same 3 crowns obtained in NG will be enough?
You need to get the crowns again in NG+

i tried
chest ahead
vendrick thicc asf


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It will be very helpful since this will spare a slot for a ring (in which there was the Ring of Life Protection in my progress). However, sad to say that when I have collected all 4 crowns, there will only be about 3 (or 4) bosses left (i.e. Lud and Zallen, Aldia and Nashandra).
Yea, but the ring isn't really necessary. You can just use humanity if you lose too much life because of being hollow.