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Is there a way to check your progress through each rank?
By Anonymous
interact with NPC "Sweet Shalquoir" to see your covenant rank
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the cat in majula
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i just wait till ng++ for wrath of gods great chaos fireball ad bountiful or soothing sunlight or waterver one it is instead of wasting time invading or killing the spells are bought from channcellor wellager the ghost dude in dranleic castle
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based and redpilled
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The blue sentinels are like cops you know, they hunt down sinners just like today they protect right?
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Yeah but just like cops today, there's a lot douches out there. Not all, but some. (Gankers are douches) (People in DS3 who run away and put on the way of the blue when invaded are douches) etc.
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does that make george floyd the rat king
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June 23 anon you’re a dumbass, you can’t change your covenant with another player (invader or summon does not matter which) in your game. So no one is running away to put on way of the blue
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Jan 1 anon youre the idiot here because you can do exactly that. I know because ive done it. Ds3 allows you yo change covenants whenever.
By Anonymous
IIRC, the penalty for abandoning covenants is that you lose your progress to the next rank. So like if you kill 9 invaders in Way of Blue, and need 1 more to rank up, but you abandon.. Then when you rejoun, you'll need to kill 10 more to get that rank.
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nice message really helped even though you just copied and pasted the to comet if it wasn't obvious enough
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"how the player chooses to play the game is still their choice." Lol this totally superfluous remark sounds like the end result of some personal wiki editing drama that happened behind the scenes. It's like an ancient monument erected to commemorate a long forgotten war.
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because it is, dark souls is a journey through our hearts. it tests our determination, strenght, will, focus, everything a human being desires. the game releases a lock to enhance our being, make us whole.
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who else just wants the praise the sun emote :p
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What do you mean
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Can i take rank 3 in brootherhood in ofline mod ??????
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Hmmm, kill 500 players in the arena, what do you think?
By anarchy753
No, unlike every other covenant across all 3 games, Blue Sentinels and Brotherhood of Blood have no way of leveling up offline (Or when the PVP is dead/only filled with people vastly outside the level you could possibly scratch them, as it is now.) You can, however, obtain their rewards by reaching Chancellor Wellager in NG++, and by killing the 2 covenant NPCs for their outfits.
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they all suck tbh
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By Sgx24
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Crap rewards for so much effort.
By Anonymous
Well... The Dragon armor is pretty badass. So most of them are garbage. I just like the Dragon covenant. (My personal opinion)
By Anonymous
What about the heirs of suns reward, it gives an exclusive lightning spear and an access to the platinum trophy