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The Scholar of The First Sin edition for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and DirectX9 do not include new item and enemy placements, just the new content.
Meanwhile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and DirectX11 versions of The Scholar of The First Sin get the new content ALONG with new item and enemy placements. The Dull Ember, for the Old Gen will be located on Iron Keep, as it was on the Base Game.
where are the two iron chests in tower apart. I see nothing
In other words, if it's not in that chest, it'll be in iron keep in the first large open area, after you lower the draw bridge, walk up the bridge, roll down and go right.
I am in the iron keep. When I go over the bridge and turn right. If I go straight there is no chest. When I jumped across to the broken stair case the corpse didn't give me a ember. I found a chest on top of the ladder next to the Pharaohs lack stone. Any ideas where it could be?
On 360 and ps3 there is no such thing as a r true SotFS edition. It is really just the original with the dlc (and some minor updates). PS4 and xbone have the true SotF.
Only one tap though, or you'll break it
I was asking everyone before where is the iron keep please
They're to your left after being carried to the Lost Basstille.
Hit the chest lol
I have scholar of the first sin for ps3 and been in both towers and ontop of that one after the bonfire and no chests
He doesn't ask for a second ember, it's just his dialogue about flame, but you can make him move from the chest by lighting the torch thingie in the room
I was asking everyone before where is the iron keep please
Only one tap though, or you'll break it
How do i know if a chest is a mimick
I checked in Lost Bastille chest and Iron Keep corpse too, but there was other items in both places, I have the ps4 softs edition, is that a bug or i am missing something? Please help me
Anyone know where the ember is ? I checked the corpse on the broken stairway and it was only a petrified bone
do you have the original dark souls or sotfs ?
Ps3/360/dx9 dark souls sotfs is basically a dlc pack. Thats it. They made us all think that it would have new stuff besides dlc, but it doesnt.
Stop playing the ps3 version. It is WAY different on ps4
I am playing Dark Souls II SotFS on Playstation Now. The ember is NOT where it says it's supposed to be. I haven't made it to the fire keep yet. Could it be PS Now has the versions mixed up?
Ive had the same problem and it seems like if you play on ps3 the schollar of the first sin has no differences from the main game (other than containing all the dlc). If you are on ps3 just ignore all sotfs related tips
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Im okaying on xbox 360 and i found the ember in one of the 2 iron chests
Their is no ember with the corps
I found it at Lost Bastille. Bonfire-the Tower Apart, the right chest contains the Dull Ember.
then u have scholar of the first sin