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does it or does it not?
If you have other equipment with a similar effect it generally stacks, you just can't stack multiple rings with the same name
No you can't have multiple rings with the same effect
If you have other equipment with a similar effect it generally stacks, you just can't stack multiple rings with the same name
bracing knuckle ring doesn't really reduce durability usage of special strong attacks, tried it with bone fist, special cost 5 points without the ring, 5 points with the ring...
If that's true, it's an exception for just the bone fist. Definitely does for both the Ice Rapier and the buff from the Defender Greatsword.
People on here are *****ing dumb. 5 thumbs down on a comment that is 100% true. Every time I've tested the ring it ups durability on regular attacks. Anyone who thinks otherwise should put their money where their mouth is.
for anyone curious, this is a quirk of the bone fist specifically.
no other anon, you are ****ing dumb. I tried it with the Smelter Sword. without ring it took 10 durability, with ring it took 5 durability. this is an issue specifically with the Bone Fist.
Does it also increase it's own durability?
It only increases regular attack durability. Whoever wrote this was either high, or the page is severely outdated. Currently leaning on both tbh
it's ridiculous the fact that this ring is almost 100% mandatory in any build because all the weapons are broken very fast, whenever I go to the man's wharf I have to have the eagerness to have already obtained this ring because I am the type that kills the most of the enemy, and this area is among the ones that have more of them on the map.


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Well, its only really necessary if you are playing through and using a weapon which degrades its own durability via buff or projectile attack and you are using those abilities on cooldown (or doing a no-bonfire run). Otherwise, the odd repair powder every once in a while should take care of you just fine.
Nah don't forget SOTFS VERSION'S Glitch


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The location description for this ring is horribly comfising. Sounds like your supposed to go down the ladder to Sinner all the way down where there is also a bridge a cell and an illusory wall. Should have been more specific, like "down the ladder back the way you came, towards Straids cell" or something.
For anyone that doesn't know, it increases the durability on everything, including your rings. I could be incorrect, but if I had a nickel for everytime my third dragon ring broke in the middle of PVP, and I started fat rolling, I'd be quite rich. this ring helps negate that, I have my ring break a lot less now. Only in longer battles Do I find it breaking.
Punctuation would have helped greatly, as it stands reading that(good luck, honestly) was nigh impossible.
What a hypocrite.
Real useful ring for people on the No Bonfires run
but santier is a better option
This ring feels like utility only half garbage but certain very special attacks from weapons consume plenty of durability leaving you only with couple of shoots before they break. This ring partially negates this drawback by not only decreasing natural durability losses but also decreasing cost of these specials by half. Many items with garbage durability become usefull with this ring. However there are exceptions like: Bewitched Alonne Blade which has 30 durability to begin with, bad speed and very bad damage paired up with decent but not amazing moveset and good range. You can of course use its buff for 40% extra damage, self damage and 4(2 with ring) durability loss which is not enough to save this blade because it overrides resins and lasts only 30 seconds. In PvP enemy can wait till this buff wears down or try to interrupt reapplication. Even if this buff were lasting longer, costed less health and no durability this weapon wouldnt be great because many weapons are more dangerous than BAB in its buffed state. It is great pain that such an awesome boss drops weapon which is so flawed.
Punctuation would have helped greatly, as it stands reading that(good luck, honestly) was nigh impossible.
what are you on about it's punctuated fine


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This isn't only useful in PvP. Even doing an NG+ playthrough with the Throne Defender's Greatsword and generously using it's weapon art- er- buff, I only find myself using repair powder in areas that take longer to get through.
Insanely useful against Sinh's corrosive scales too