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Shulva - Ganktum City
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the tower of prayer bonfire link leads to the shrine of amana tower of prayer bonfire
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Lara... where are you?
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Strong attack with two handed GS, they don't even flinch.
Havel would be proud.
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Stone Ring
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By Jarka
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"Hitting these obelisks will either raise or lower structures that can give you access to areas or help with eliminating enemies."

Great, another hidden mechanic with no clue in-game...
By Anonymous
The obelisks have a bright, cyan colour that stands out from the greenish colour that dominates the DLC. They also look like they can move, so it is definitely possible to figure it out in-game (which is what I did)
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Are ranged attacks obligatory in this area? (to open doors)
By Anonymous
yes, there are switches that are only accessible via ranged attacks if you want to access every area. If you just want to kill bosses, I don't think they're required.