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By Anonymous
Just 40 pts of durability
By Anonymous
Does it restore durability even if the item is broken?
By Anonymous
does this strange tree spoken of in paragraph 9 restore the durability of completely broken items?
By Anonymous
When using a Silver Talisman, it seems the only object you become is a Sanctum Switch, which is completely useless, given you have to hit them to activate them in the first place.
By Anonymous
May be useful for hiding from invaders since only the host can trigger them
By Anonymous
More like Shulva, Gank City...
By Anonymous
This is a terrible guide.
By Voidmaster
You can always edit it to make it better
By Anonymous
Clearly whoever wrote this guide didn't explore Shulva completely. There are three bonfires in this area according to the travel map while resting at a bonfire and this guide only states two of them
By Anonymous
Rather than make another comment here is the location of the third bonfire. It is above the room that you can enter before crossing the bridge into Dragon's Sanctum. To get to it you need to unlock the door that is immediately to your left upon entering the sanctum but doing so requires the Eternal Sanctum Key located further within the sanctum itself.
By Anonymous
Maybe they got fed up with this place like the rest of us.
By Anonymous
***** this place and all who live in it.
By Anonymous
I was able to kill the tree with my curved dragon greatsword
By Anonymous
It is really annoying to see spoiled little ***** commenters talk about how bad this guide is. I have used Fextralife guides fro all of the Fromsoftware they make mistakes....yeah. But they just so happen to be the best and most expansive FREE guide out there. Jesus. STFU and go to the lame IGN guide. Then come talk to me about what you think a terrible guide looks like.
By Anonymous
can you point out the big mistakes they made? very rarely i see mistakes and little ones like number values
By Anonymous
free with all those ADDS?
By Anonymous
Well, it's pretty obvious that you wrote the guide yourself, noticed that people hated it, felt bad, but you had crappy parents that taught you to cover up/shift blame instead of owning up to a mistake.

There's dozens of better websites for guides, this is a wiki, not a guide site. I hate most of the corporate sites as well, but ironically, you named the only one that does actual full length guides as opposed to individual article clickbaits like Kotaku, Gamespot, etc. They do that crap for news, however...which makes them useless for any news about games. Meh.
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Git... Gud.