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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Just 40 pts of durability
Does it restore durability even if the item is broken?
does this strange tree spoken of in paragraph 9 restore the durability of completely broken items?
When using a Silver Talisman, it seems the only object you become is a Sanctum Switch, which is completely useless, given you have to hit them to activate them in the first place.
More like Shulva, Gank City...
This is a terrible guide.
Clearly whoever wrote this guide didn't explore Shulva completely. There are three bonfires in this area according to the travel map while resting at a bonfire and this guide only states two of them
Rather than make another comment here is the location of the third bonfire. It is above the room that you can enter before crossing the bridge into Dragon's Sanctum. To get to it you need to unlock the door that is immediately to your left upon entering the sanctum but doing so requires the Eternal Sanctum Key located further within the sanctum itself.
***** this place and all who live in it.
I was able to kill the tree with my curved dragon greatsword