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I burnt the windmill but the summoning sign for the jester hasn't appeared
Yeah, I had a very similar problem. I burned the Windmill, (Which shouldn't matter). I was human. (Tried this multiple times) The only way that I was able to see his summon was after I joined the Heirs of the Sun convenient. (I do not remember if I had to put on the ring)

I hope this helps.
You have to be human. Use an effigy
Having same problem on unpatched. Also can't break the illusory walls some goddamn reason
she's an extremely easy boss why should u need a summon :P
if you use profound still he'll take out a sword and bash you with it
what if he doesn't have his summon sign near the fog door? I already burned the windmill what do I do?
Ran up to him & stabbed him up. I guess the 'gesture' theory is right!
For the invasion, he won't attack you UNTIL he has done his gesture, so take the opportunity to hit him with 2H heavies to stagger him the whole time, he will roll but won't Combustion you or anything.
Show him some respect :c
Alsp having this problem... also noticed ghe two illusory walls above where the sign was aren't breakable some reason. Playing on unpatched but idk lol
Wrong post wtf. My bad
Okay,. He will usually put down a "healing orb" to heal himself, but the player can also use it. It stays until he dies. Gyrm shield is recommended as it has 100 fire blockage.
thats the warmth pyromancy
You can poison him
If you have fire resist gear from cheesing the ancient dragon, it works even better on him.
in dragon sanctum i started hitting him as soon as he began with apearing... just tried to run away from me, but didnt even tryed performing any NG+... in first playtrough he caught me unaware and burnt me to a crisp... just stay rellentles and atack as soon as he apears...
He is my first NPC summon for mytha baneful queen I deleted her on my first try this guy makes the fight so easy love him