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I´m not too far into my scholar of the first sin playthrough but at least the one in the forest of the fallen giants isn´t there anymore. In general locations of things have been changed



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Yes it seems a lot of things have! Please help the wiki by adding a "Scholar of the First Sin DX11" heading and contents on location etc to pages :)
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The Forest of Fallen Giants estus shard is now on the platform where you can first encounter the Pursuer, right after the area with the Cartographer in it.
Same with the Earthen Peak one. Not on the body at the end of the poison hall.
Dunno how but I got 1 Estus Flask Shard left, having 12 uses of Estus Flask and cannot upgrade the Estus Flask any further with the shard... Bug?
It caps at 12. There are 13 so you can skip one of them if you are unable to get it (Fragant Branch areas to be specific)
It refers to the 12 of the original version
I believe that the shard which is listed as being behind the secret door near the Wandering Magus boss in Brightstone Cove has been replaced with the Preistess Garb Set.
you dont need the soldier key for the estus shard in the cardinal tower, just smash the door with a sword :)
No, with your fist!
What is the sell price for extra shards?
Cannot be sold. Just store extras in your box, as they cant be dropped or discarded either.
You can sell them for 1200 to Gavlan in Sotfs.
Galvan wheel Gavlan Deal!
"After gaining the Soldier Key, go up the stairs in the Cardinal Tower and open the door there. In the second room you will find a chest with a Shard and a Small White Sign Soapstone."
Opened the chest but no shard inside. thought maybe something went wrong with the name. Thus I tried upgrading my estus flask, but I don't have a estus shard. Was there a patch or something that changed the location or is this a bug?
Only now noticed it is in a different location in the scholar of the first sin edition, MB
It’s over by the Persuer when you fight him without the ballista
Wait... In SOTFS,there is a Estus Shard between Heide's Tower of Flame and No-Man's Wharf,which is not only guarded by a petrified statue,but also a Mastodon.
That's a sublime bone dust
its not a bone dust that isnt a mastadon thats a syan knight
If you think this guy is talking about bone dust or a cyan knight when he clearly said “Petrified statue, Mastadon, and Estus share” you might be a dumabss
In no man's wharf there isn't a shard anymore however there is a sublime bone dust in the chest instead


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I don’t get the point of having more estus shards than you can actually upgrade your flask...
i guess it's maybe for a clueless player to have an extra chance of finding enough of them
Safety net for new players and you can sell em to Gavlan for a nice bit of souls
yeah its so newer players that have maybe missed one or two a chance of finding more
I think it balances out tbh :P saves having to find one in a tedious area like the gutter