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Using dual-attacks with Mytha's Bent Blade and a Man Slayer, I constantly applied both poison and toxic on the boss. It makes for constant dps while the dragon is flying around.
lol ez boss got him my first try
lol ez boss got him my first try
be careful not to die when hes up in the air breathing fire and u get a killing shot game glitched and I cant get the items he drops GL
Huge damage with heavenly thunder especially if its on ground breathing fire and you get right under its chest area. Can spam 2 casts of heavenly thunder for huge easy damage since hitting its wings and tail counts towards its health.
Dragon ahead therefore try poison arrow
easiest boss ever probably
Disagree. I think that title goes to the cult of sucka*****le in brightstone. How that even became a boss battle and not just a normal encounteri beyond me!
Poison doesn't work anymore, I hit him with 6 poison throwing knives and hit him over a dozen times with a +5 Poison claymore and he still didn't get poisoned
Poison arrows with bow worked for me. (have not tested SotFS)
Poison arrows do indeed work in SotFS.
Poison Arrows work just fine on these Drakes (they aren't really Dragons) in Scholar of the First Sin. With a base level sorcerer all you have to do is enter the DLC, acquire the strength ring and dexterity ring, and you can then kill these creatures easily with the shortbow.
Actually, I should say Wyvern. Drake isn't really the correct term either.
Easiest way to defeat this boss is to stay underneath of him. Attack, recover, shield up. Repeat between attacks. When the dragon flies up same thing, always be underneath or behind the tail end of he dragon. You can easily not get hit even once with this strategy. His attacks are slow and if he hits you once with his foot, tail, or head while underneath it will not deplete your stamina completely so you will have time to recover until his next attack. Honestly up there with the easier bosses in terms of difficulty. Beat first run and didnt expect this boss at all.
Dragon in Heide Tower of Flame was more of a pain to be honest.
in ng a +10 rapier makes this boss a joke
+10 rapier makes whole ng a joke
This boss is a joke period.