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If you die after the mummies come out from their cage and don't kill the fourth one, you can't get the Wanderer Set since the mummies don't respawn.
If you kill them too fast without letting them go out of their cage the same thing happen you won't be able to take it because it's too far away to grab and it will disappear, so make sure to wait a little.
Fashion Souls as HELL. Literally the worst part about DS3 is that it doesn't contain the Wanderer Set. Prove me wrong.
What's there to prove
I just started a new file as a Deprived, a large man who takes up Pyromancy and wields a dangerous axe with a dour expression. His name is Solomon, and he wears The Wanderer's Set. No memory of what he was like before coming to the Things Betwixt. I just love constructing stories like that. This fashion set just FEELS perfect. And I know I am going to miss that when I finally go to Dark Souls 3.