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Does this spell also boost magic damage on weapons? If so does it stack with crystal magic weapon?
Can uses stack?
yes and yes
So i freed him... didn't know what i was doing

saw all the signs and i was like... you can't tell me what to do biiitttccchh! and now i can't get my platinum...
You will most likely need to do NG++ to get some of the spells anyway, so you can still platinum. Just remember in NG+ to leave him imprisoned.
R.I.P navlaan will invade you a lot of times and next to tough enemies
That happened to me too so I started over again now i have 2 builds :P
Just ng+ the game and try again :v
unleash magic + soul geyser = EZ boss killer
RIP OP Geyser
Unleash Magic requires 58 Intelligence, not 10. I'm not sure when this changed.
The requirement is 58 intelligence, not 10. You would need an insane amount of simpleton spice to get it down to 10. More than you would ever reasonably farm with bonfire ascetics.
You could just farm the hallows in the rat covenant area that's down in the pit. Believe it or not, they actually drop the simpleton spice (albeit rarely). Just be in covenant of champions and you'll have infinite spice.
It's not too bad to farm, with Bonfire Asetics in Belfry Sol, it only takes about 2-3 minutes of running to grab 3 spices, so it'd take about 48 minutes
This spell requires 58 intelligence, not 10.


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This makes Moonlight Greatsword R2 stronger?
it won't, all MLGS attacks count as a "weapon" attack, none are classed "Magic" despite it's full magic damage and R2 special, tried this myself as i wanted to see if MLGS could become an insane glass cannon weapon.
I know this is a little late but does this effect RTSR range?
Not really