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My favorite weapon is fire ice rapier
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Was doing a dex build with coc on from start, using drakeblood gs. When i got to the dlc, got 2 of these in the first area. Is the game trying to tell me something?
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Raw Ice Rapier will never be forgotten.
Wrecked so many fools with this back in the day.
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Bruh 515 ar with Flynn ring ring of blades 2 dark clutch ring with 50/50 int and fth dark rapier
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This thing is a goddamned desert eagle
By Anonymous
Testing the projectile damage with 40 Strength, 30 Dex, 30 Int, on NG+ (Bonfire Intensity 2), Company of Champions, vs the rats in Grave of Saints:

Ice Rapier +0, Lightning Ice Rapier +5 both did the same damage; 206

Magic Ice Rapier +0 did 273.

Magic Ice Rapier +0 with Crystal Magic Weapon did 315.
By Anonymous
These are for 1-handed btw. 2-handing it does seem to increase the damage:

Lightning Ice Rapier +5 did 248 damage when 2-handed, instead of the 206 it did when 1-handed.
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does this buff with crystal weapon? and does that increase the projectile damage? if so, then this is stupidly op for a mage!
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Funny shape. I wonder what else can it penetrate.
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