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op pls nerf
Actually nerfed
Sakurai, plz.
way to get at level 1?
First off, This isn't ds1 or DS3. Lvl 1 means nothing. You can have it fully upgraded by just under 40k soul memory because that is the quickest way to the agape ring at which case you should be around sl20. Second, I'm not sure what how you plan on using a weapon with any sort of stat requirements with an unleveled deprived build. But ok...
Pls dont us this u casual
if you cant deal with it, then you're the real casul
He's got a point everyone uses it



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Learn to counter, or learn to lose to it
Soul Spear Ice deals magic damage, is buffed if infused with magic or buffed
Lol my friend gave me this and i didn't even know this was a dlc weapon (I don't have the dlc)
if you play sotfs, it's included into the game
This thing breaks so fast...
'cause it' s made of ice
Bracing Knuckle Ring+2 helps!


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Dark ice rapier+5 dark sunset staff+5 50k sm twink with agape ring to never lose in an invasion. Enjoy.
Lame. Only way you can win is with a huge unfair advantage.
Stop whining and git gud CASUAL.its not unfair you just suck
This community needs an overhaul.
Ah yes, the classic "I don't suck at PvP, I just target new players with endgame gear because they should be better, so it's their fault"
What, you invade people with weapons and armor?? Casual.
Oh come the **** on, DS2 Invasions are a joke already
Anyone who fights in a life or death struggle at a disadvantage due to some imaginary concept such as "honor", is a moron. Even if it's a game, fight to win or go home casul. Ergo use every advantage you can get.



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yeah but this is less getting every advantage you can, and more just picking on new players who don't stand a chance so you can boost your own ego without the risk of loss.
Being good at PvP it's different than target new players on the role. Of course they need get good, but no with a moron using end game gear and a massive dmg just to satisfy his inflated ego lol



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Where does the ice spear gets scale from? Magic? Dark? Also, if its infused with lighting or fire, does the ice spear get that element damage?
If you're referring to the special attack, it scales with magic. Therefore infusing it with magic is the best option.
Magic Ice Rapier +5 is a staple for endgame sorcery builds.