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By Anonymous
Whirlygig Saw absolutely destroys her. Beast blood pellet + L2 holding attack completely trivializes this boss. Her back is against the wall at the start of the fight so she can't move, keeping her within range of the saw, and the attack seems to completely stunlock her regardless. Fight couldn't have taken me more than a minute on my first try.
By Anonymous
"Whirlygig Saw absolutely destroys" EVERYTHING. There's a reason why it's called the pizza cutter: it cuts through the game like cheese; coincidentally what you're doing by playing on easy mode.
By Anonymous
Am I correct in saying that Yharnam is the final chalice boss?
By Anonymous
What significance to the lore is she? Why does she bow after the Wetnurse bossfight? Why is she in the moon pool? why is it that when you check under her dress, she wears an invisible set of pantsu?
By Anonymous
I think she bows because you saved her child (mergo).
By Anonymous
She is the mother of Mergo, and likely has something to do with the "Holy Medium" discovered by Laurence in the Chalice Dungeon (whether she is the medium, or Mergo, or their blood is uncertain). Mensis took Mergo from her in an attempt to become Great Ones, which is why she appears outside the arena and bows after you "rescue" Mergo (by killing it). The reason she appears in the Moonside Lake is because Rom is tasked with keeping secret the Mensis ritual, in which Yharnam herself plays a large role. This is an attempt by Willem to seal away the School of Mensis and their dangerous ambition. As for the pants, I'll have to get back to you on that.
By Anonymous
Yharnam is central to the original, Pthumerian genesis of the blood curse. Basically, she was impregnated with Mergo, the Pthumerians discovered that this gave her blood special properties, and began involuntary taking blood from her for research and healing, until eventually they took so much of her blood that it resulted in the stillbirth of the infant Great One, Mergo. Obviously this was already a bad time and the Great Ones weren't happy about it, but to add insult to injury, the Scholars of Mensis discovered this history many years later, and decided that the right thing to do with it was to trap Mergo's spirit in a nightmare limbo sustained by Micolash, with the Wet Nurse basically acting as life support for Mergo's untenable spirit while the Pthumerians prepared a new body for him (The One Reborn). This was never meant to be, however, as Micolash would end up forgetting everything outside of the Nightmare of Mensis, having no plan to link Mergo's spirit back to the body, and besides, the body was a twisted amalgam of corpses unfit for a Great One, sustained only by the perpetual efforts of a small army of bell maidens, and even if it was going to work, we destroyed it anyway. But this is the "source of the nightmare" and the source of the curse of beasts. A mother mourning her stillbirth, and to add insult to that, a madman propping up that infant's zombified spirit as bait for a Great One. In one more sad twist of irony, the Great One that Micolash likely sought to use Mergo as bait to call down was Kos. But as we learned in the DLC, Kos was already killed, seemingly during the Old Hunters' raid on the Fishing Hamlet. So everything bad happened because a madman decided to torture the spirit of a stillborn infant to call down a Great One that was already dead.
By Anonymous
Any reason why her hands are chained
By Anonymous
I figure it has to do with either Mensis stealing Mergo, or it's symbolic of restraining her personal will, sort of like the Mensis Cage, but with the express purpose of having her impregnated by a Great One... Either way, it doesn't seem to be her choice.
By Anonymous
Honestly, she might be the only female Pthumerian our character encounters inside these Labyrinths.
Mad ? Yes, probably...
She dosent appear to be malformed or anything...Except from the bloodstains on her dress, of course...
The Yharnam stone might have the answer, regarding her being present in a labyrinth, as well as the whole Mergo's Wet Nurse thing...
Madness due to loss of a baby ? That leaves more holes in the story than you could shake a stick at...
Maybe she is somewhat like the Vileblood Queen, Annalise...Instead of Chevaliers and ghosts she's got actual beings protecting her, like the Pthumerian Miners, Descendants and Elders...Then again there is no " Martyr Logarius " in her story, imprisoning her and preventing anyone from interacting with her...
Then again, you face Rom in other Chalice Dungeons, a " Kin " Beast that originally was found in the Lake of Byrgenwerth...Sort of...
After the boss fight you see a figure that looks like her, looking at the moon, before you pass out...That dosent mean though that she is that Being we see...
Never the less, we dont have solid proof about her past...As fot her future... Well, we kinda kill her, you know... Hunters hunt Kin, Beasts and Pthumerians...

Aaand completionists like their gold trophies...We all do...
By Anonymous
1. Chime Maidens also exist
2. The bloodstains are from labor
3. Yes, it's well-known that the Vilebloods are descendants of the Pthumerians
4. Rom was not found in the lake, but created by Byrgenwerth through experimentation
5. Her "past" is that she was impregnated by a Great One, possibly Oedon, but her child, Mergo, was stillborn and now exists only as a disembodied wail. Mergo was "stolen" by the School of Mensis in an attempt to transcend humanity. Though she is long dead, her consciousness is sustained by the dream, in both her "past" form (pregnant with Mergo in the Chalice Dungeon) and her "present" form (mourning the loss of Mergo in both the Moonside Lake and Mergo's Loft). Read into the Pthumeru Chalice descriptions for more info, as well as the Ring of Betrothal.
By Anonymous
The bellringers are female phtumerians too, you can read about it in a chalice description
By Anonymous
Spamming Executioner's Gloves in the last phase was humorous as all her attacks were either easily avoided or didn't reach me, all the while you have her screaming non-stop. The one clone left alive didn't even bother helping her and decided to chill on the opposite site of the Rotunda.
By Anonymous
Visceral attack her once from behind, and you've won the fight.

Once she gets visceral-attacked, all you have to do is a couple steps forward and charge your stunning attack. She'll get stunned. You'll viscerate her again.
Rinse and repeat.
Make her scream.
Bathe the whole hall in her blood.

The only three things that could break the visceral chain (other than an error on your part) are the ill luck where she ends up against some element of the room in a way that prevents you from continuing and her two changes of phase (getting her sword out first, and making it bloody later); I'm not sure the phase changes would interrupt the chain, perhaps if you're lucky she won't even be able to start the animations.
But in any case, what I'm sure about is that after she has the bloody sword, this strategy works 100%.
Having a companion is extremely helpful (I had the Regicide, who worked wonders, always keeping her busy and blasting his cannon in her face). It is helpful per se, but even more the moment you see her targeting him and leaving her back all for you to devastate.
By Anonymous
I hate this reply
By Flowaz85
Used +6 threaded cane with fire gems, not the best gems either. Once you hear second baby cry, get out of there. Just keep dodging/ rolling around, I did spam a few executioner's gloves as well
By Anonymous
Transformed threaded cane and just stand at max range and whip her to death. She can't do much. When she disappears, kill the clone and repeat. Not much else to the fight other than occasionally dodging a little blood.
By Anonymous
This boss was a disappointment to me, by the time a got to her (tier 5 chalice) I already had 50 in both dex and str and a +10 LDB, she was little more than a miniboss.
By Anonymous
Don't overlevel..?
By Anonymous
She's not hard compared to what you have to do to get to her. After the Defiled Chalice and the other bosses in Pthumeru Ihyll she is pretty trivial