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By Anonymous
Pretty sure you can escape this fate, despite what the lore says.
By Anonymous
Do not be like me, I meant to purchase the DLC for the ps plus version and I friggin bought the digital strategy guide thinking that was it lol, wtf man it can’t even be accessed apparently or atleast I dono how, smh
By Anonymous
So we can’t get it if we only have bloodborne
By Anonymous
If anyone else is playing the PS Plus offering of this game, be aware that that version does not include the DLC. So don't spend 20 minutes (like I did) trying to find out why this item isn't available.
By Anonymous
Had a problem where the item wasn't showing up despite the dlc being installed.
Quit the game
Instead of starting via the play button, click the 3 dots ... button next to it
Select Bloodborne Full rather than Bloodborne from the mini menu

Solved it for me. Results may vary
By Anonymous
i will see how this goes for me
By Anonymous
I didn’t go to the hunters dream after i touched the skull, and now I can’t find the eye, what should i do?
By Anonymous
do you have the dlc installed?
By Anonymous
I found it very easily after getting to the forbidden woods and kicking everyone’s asses
By Anonymous
does anyone feel that the fact its the eye a blood drunk hunter needed to enter the hunter nightmare which is a place for a place for blood drunk hunters that thats the only way for the amygdala to determine if a hunter deserves to go in

the point being this could be why many of the the blood drunk hunters, notably father gasgoine cover their eyes?
By Anonymous
Yes I think that is why every one covers there eyes I’ve beat the game countless times and have always found it plus it’s closer to the bottom of th stairs and I’ve found it countless times
By Anonymous
you have to touch the skull in the cathedral before it shows up
By Anonymous
What shall we do with the drunken hunter
By Anonymous
Early in the morning
By Anonymous
Apparently gouge out his eye(s)