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By Anonymous
Am I the only one who think this eye may belong to Valtr?
By Anonymous
You can remove his helmet… he has both eyes
By Anonymous
A eye disappears after each boss, not including Laurence. Someone confirm?
By Anonymous
Hello! I need to remove the eye or deactivate it for history gameplay sequence, someone know how to do it? I need to be grabbed by Lesser Amygdala and be send to lecture building.
By Anonymous
You only transfer to the Hunter's nightmare from the Cathedral ward amydala (the one on the Chapel) so you don't need to erase it
By LeChuba
I was thinking that could this Eye belong to Ludwig, clearly his right eye is damaged/blind. It could bring some new insight on lore and relations of Gehrman, Ludwing and others.
By Anonymous
Naw, if you look at Valtrs gear and lore, it'll make a whole lot of sense
By Anonymous
Hi I Have bought the The Old Hunter DLC from PS4 store but could not find Blood Drunk Hunter Eye from the messenger ? Anyone have idea about it why so ?
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By Agurzil
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"Appears in the Hunter's Dream once you have defeated Vicar Amelia and turn the world state to night."

Have you done this?
By Anonymous
Hey there , I have already defeated Vicar Amelia and turn the world state to night , and found out about The Old Hunter DLC , so would it be a problem if I bought it although I already done that part of the game
By Anonymous
Wouldn't. You would just need to reload the game.
By Anonymous
I bought the DLC, but the eye isn't there, anyone know a solution?
By Anonymous
Try exiting the game (to the title screen) then loading as normal. I had the same problem and this fixed it for me.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
may or may not have accidently sold the eye not knowing what it does.
is there a way to get it back?
By Anonymous
You could probably buy it back from one of the shops in hunters dream, but I don't know for sure.
By Anonymous
i bought the dlc a while back, i killed vicar Amelia and interacted with the skull, yet it isn't there?