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When wearing the chestpiece of this set, enemy villagers will occasionally say "You're better off dead!" while attacking you.
They say that normally.

never had them say this to me normally. lines i hear are you are cursed, this towns finished, and beast cursed beast. never once heard them say you're better off dead.
Anyone notice that some of the Hunter corpses with loot on them wear this set minus the cape and left metal glove, in addition to the Yharnam Hunter's Cap? Thought it was neat, but makes me with I could have a capeless one. A good one to see this on is the corpse that holds the Choir set.
There's an extremely rare bug where the cape will disappear on this set. I don't know what causes it, but it's happened to me twice.
i guess you could say this set got...

Uh yeah I suppose so.
I want a charred hunter hat so much



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Dataminers working on Bloodborne have found that Grey Wolf Cap is coded as the hat that officially goes with this. Sanadsk seemed to think that this was because From Soft was being artistically indecisive, but I think that From Soft was just trying to tell us that the hunter shown in the "Project Beast" trailer (who was wearing this set and the Grey Wolf Cap together) was actually Djura in his youth, set against glimpses of Old Yharnam when it was still populated by humans. So, there. :D
Most NPC's found wearing this set are also found wearing the Tomb Prospector hood, which matches the textures quite nicely. The standard Hunter's hat also works well on account of the frayed edges. But I agree, a hat specifically designed for the charred set would have been nice to boost the fire defense to the point that Henryk's set defends against bolt.
Charred Hunter set with the top hat is probably the closest thing to a Gehrman (bossfight) cosplay
Other than the actual Gehrman set?
ghermans set is different to what he wears in the fight
Use Henryk's Cap with this set
If you use the black hood with this set, it's djura's friends outfit, also the same as the gattling gun hunter in the dlc
This looks a lot like the old hunter's set


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Djura concept art shows him wearing this set, along with his eye-patch hat. Coincidentally this set is missing a head piece