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Credits confirms that iosefka and a character named fake iosefka, or maybe imposter iosefka, have diff voice actors. Real one supplies her special blood for very early game, until Oedon Chapel is unlocked or Father Gascoigne is killed. After that, its fake all the way.
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Could you be more specific, or is this just aimless juvenile animosity?
Ooh, majestic..! An edgelord is an edgelord, even in a dream.
where is the harrowed man and brador?
DLC section. Learn to read dude


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Should've added Ludwig's head as it is technically an intractable NPC...
where is fish guy



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Is there a list anywhere of dialogue spoken by shut-in NPC's that cannot be relocated (other than Gilbert)? Some of it is really strange, and I feel like there are interesting little clues woven into their rambling speeches, especially the NPC's in the Cathedral Ward.
Why even bother saying if a character can be a merchant if only one of them can be a merchant and only in very rare scenarios that probably won’t happen to most people?