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By Anonymous
My wife just beat Ludwig for the first time after about a year of trying. She got that Soulsian high that we've all felt. She said she wanted that feeling to I sent her straight to Laurence. AITA?
By Anonymous
Best boss in the game. While the humanoid bosses are awesome, I'm here to hunt worst nightmares and grotesque monsters. That is the selling point of the game.
By Anonymous
a little overrated
By Anonymous
Definition of a perfect boss.
By Anonymous
Just beat him for the second time. Came here to say the same.
By Anonymous
The short plan of the fight:
Fast weapon, 1 phase - stick to his belly, 2 phase - stick to his back.
That's how I beat him after multiple attempts of doing something else. Like it was night and day after I started doing this.
By Anonymous
And you should lock off for the 1st phase
By Anonymous
Definitely a contender for best From software boss of all time. Somehow I beat him on my first try, heart pounding, got all sweaty. Maybe I've finally gotten gud or maybe it's just the Whirligig Saw ;)
By Anonymous
Damn perfect boss i am going to no hit him , thank u for the wiki sites i realy appreciate it from ds 1 to elden ring i always come to ur sites
By Anonymous
The second form of the boss is pretty good, but I hate the first form. It's just another boss whose moveset consists of a bunch of flailing attacks and charges. I personally don't find those kinds of bosses fun or rewarding and it really drags down the fight for me. It's the same way I feel about Maliketh in Elden Ring: great second form, but a very unfun first form.
By Anonymous
You need to reevaluate your life
By Anonymous
It's probably my favourite boss in Soulsborne series (Next to Slave Knight Gael). Dodging the attacks of Holy Moonlight Sword to the rhythm of the song feels absolutely amazing.
By Anonymous
I wonder if Ludwig was possibly inspired by the nuckelavee; a creature of Scottish folklore that is half man, half horse, and no skin.
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