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By Anonymous
worst boss by far
By Anonymous
Biggest L take I have ever heard
By Anonymous
the soundtrack slaps
By Anonymous
Many a YouTuber points out that Laurence is depicted as the Christ but did anyone make the connection that Ludwig is John the beloved? I think NEIGH
By Anonymous
best bb boss by far
By Anonymous
Who would win

A incredibly powerful hunter turned beast and fights with the help of the moonlight greatsword


Some random dude with a pizza cutter and a weak pistol who simps for a sentient doll
By Anonymous
Simps? I for one have no interest in the doll. But truly the moonlight is my muse~ the holiest blade may guide me through the nightmare
By Anonymous
My experience was "why is everyone so obsessed with this guy, he's just a flailing mo- oh. Oh I get it now. Yeah I see it." Second phase is 11/10. First phase was more like 6/10 though cause there's no visual clarity.
By Anonymous
My first solo experience with this guy was on new game plus as I did beat him with Valtr in my first playthrough. So I went in with a holy moonlight sword of my own so that I may do this fight justice and it was one the most epic duels that I have ever experienced in a video game, period.
By Anonymous
Pretty hard the first time when I fought him solo. This playthrough I summoned Valtr to get a last vermin and he was pretty easy. Crazy how good of a summon that is and how trivial it makes this fight. Need to do a third playthrough and solo him again for the challenge.
By Anonymous
Just beat him using HMS in the 2nd phase. It was really fun
By Anonymous
if you give Ludwigs head a piggy back ride (only unlock this option by beating him on ng99) all the way to altar of despair you can revive him and have him as a mount that constantly says cool and witty jokes
By Anonymous
Im just imagining riding around on ludwig but hes been swapped with the voice actor of gex
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